Doc Ock or Green Goblin? (Unduped)

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Who's better? :)

Doc Ock or Green Goblin? (Unduped) 28 votes

Doc Ock
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    This is a question?
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    Doc Ock
    Doc oc is much better than green goblin., he has better power control mechanics, way more damage plus a heal block. GG is slightly better on defense but both aren't really defensive champions.
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    Doc Ock
    In terms of defense, doc ock's special one is ridiculously easy to bait and take advantage of. On the flip side, put green goblin on an unblockable special one node... ugh, that'd be tough. His effective damage mitigation makes him tankier as well.

    In terms of offense, doc ock is far and away better in every sense. He does more consistent damage, especially since his research that boosts damage is usually at 100, can place permanent heal block or power locks on opponents, can regen with his heal block, and just has more utility overall. He can counter Mordo and Hyperion's power gain, deadpool and iron man's regen... He's great.

    Green Goblin, on the other hand, has some interesting uses. His powerdrain... exists. If you manage to proc it all four times, that's 32% power drain, which is good, but still 8% less than Hawkeye, and far less likely. His special two is strong, but that's pretty much all he has in terms of damage. Other than that, he's a bit of a wet noodle. Overall, he's just a bit too unreliable to have much of a use. His super bomb is the exact same; it's great if it procs, but it's got too low a chance to be all that useful.

    Overall, Green Goblin can be good, but even at his best he's only that. Not great. Just good.

    Doc Ock, on the other hand, has great, reliable damage and utility, and I would definitely recommend him over Gobby.

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