5* BWCV or 5* Domino to R5

Going for my second R5 (first one was Venom) but can't work out whether to take BWCV or Domino to R5, both are unduped and I don't really have Domino's trinity (have Massacre as a 4* but Rulk only as a 3*).

I've completed Act 5 and I'm trying to explore that (chapter 1 complete) and trying to make my runs at UC EQ easier where I can generally get up to the final boss but get nailed each time.

5* BWCV or 5* Domino to R5 18 votes

BWCV (unduped)
Spity68TerraMoosetiptronicredsoxpatsfan89ChampioncriticTJ107Denslo500RockypantherxCASrinivasPerceptronaltavistaHieitakuAndyball270 13 votes
Domino (unduped and lacking trinity)
MegaGalacticDead1TheBestinTuakauCaptainRogers33Celtic1981 5 votes


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    If you run suicides I’d go Clair if not domino
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    BWCV (unduped)
    Both are definitely worthy of R5, so it depends on who you use more. I am of the opinion that CV provides more utility with her ability to nullify /poison/bleed/incinerate/power steal/lifesteal/do extra burst damage depending on the curse active, and domino provides more damage.
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    BWCV (unduped)
    Have Domino as a R5, and recently pulled Black Widow Claire Voyant and brought her up to R4.

    Domino + Rulk + Masacre is awesome to deal with a lot of content. For the longest time my Rulk and Masacre were only three stars, and now I have Rulk as a 5 star and Masacre as a 3 star. This trinity made dealing with Limber node ridiculously easy (ignore it), and can destroy enemies quickly before being affected by damage dealing nodes.

    BWCV on the other hand, is not a huge damage dealer, but has a lot of utility. She is also really fun to play as because:
    1. You purposefully seek out the enemy's advantage and turn it into a disadvantage (Eg. Enemy's skill is they are poison immune, and with BWCV you turn that into a disadvantage)
    2. Her play style doesn't require playing differently in order to be effective (For example, Quake is awesome, but you have to play in a distinctively different style for her to be effective, and holding down block isn't all that fun. In comparison, with BWCV you can play using a standard 5-hit combo, parry heavy style).
    3. Her character design and specials all seem smooth and well designed.
    In addition, her natural synergy with herself boosts everyone else on the team (increased 10% attack rating against Villains).
    Everyone says BWCV needs suicides, but I never use suicides and I still find her very effective to play.

    I voted BWCV, but it depends on what you want / where you are at in the game.

    If you're trying to build a well rounded questing team that can deal with anything (Eg. One champion to deal with evade enemies, one champion to deal with Shock debuffs, etc), I'd say make BWCV your R5. She isn't the strongest champion on my questing team, but I use her almost all the time just cause she's fun to play as.

    If you're trying to build a team based around one champion to nuke away the enemies health, with the other team members essentially there just to provide synergies or occasional chip damage, then I'd say go with Domino.
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