Arena Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Has some issues. 😂

As a veteran arena player, I am happy for this new arena. It will making doing Solo/Alliance Arena events that fall on Sundays a lot less cumbersome.

Now I’m sure I read it correctly that it would give the availability of use 4,5,6star champions, but upon entering the arena I noticed the 6’s weren’t available under the info tab nor at the champion selection screen. I thought no big deal.

I started my run. It ran like a basic arena. Defender pi never went over 9k pi. Until I hit streak 18.
Thank God I can fight cause holy. 😂

But wait there's more!!

I’m almost out of 5 at this point. Maybe 4 more team at best and BAM! 6 stars become available. I said “better late than never.” Or is it? I t appear the 6’s are scoring like 5’s.

*insert forgotten screenshot here*

Is this normally Kabam? Were the 6’s supposed to score the same as 5’s in this arena? A simple yes or no will work. 😂 I’m happy either way!


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