Looking for an alliance


I recently left my previous alliance due to basically wanting to move on

I’m looking for map 3 min 4 max alliances which AW is optional.

If you think that you have the space, hit me up at Line: agentapoc007


  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 887 ★★★
    Sorry I've found an Alliance now, ty
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 263
    Hi. The a Deadpool Corps could be right for you. We are very chill. Just ask that you be active. Having line helps a lot. We are currently not asking for donations. We will be jumping back to map 554. Currently running map 443. War is optional. Line app is preferable so we can call clears, work with masteries set up, and just generally talk about anything. We have a great group of loyal big accounts that like the chill atmosphere we prove. Our people grow very quickly too. Many are becoming Uncollected and beyond.
    If you sound right to you let me know.
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