Incoming Hijacked Transmission... What does it mean? [Merged Threads]



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    Alright I have to repost this because someone was having a fit on the other version of this thread but here is the least developed theory I made about this

    Split me into five may be related to the fantastic 4 or galactus( if he has 4 heralds for himself). The fantastic 4 was split up with Reed, Susan, thing, and jhonny going to different parts of the battle world. I consider silver surfer a member because he is usually hanging out with them. But idk it does say myself but I guess that could mean how the fantastic 4 felt when they were split apart. I know some people who feel like there family is apart of them. This is a theory a dumb one at that but who cares
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    Here is the Galactus version if this theory

    Break me into pieces
    This could stand for how galactus is proboaly breaking his army into 5 parts. One for himself and the 4 others being for his heralds.

    Split myself into 5
    This maybe means how galactus gave his heralds 4 parts or the 5 parts of his power to strengthen them. One for himself and the rest is for the herald's or if there is 5 herlads 5 parts of his power to them leaving 1 percent for him

    Put the pieces together
    Proboaly stands for his herlads having his power and when thier mission is done galactus is going to be back to his strength

    An arm and a leg
    This could mean how only silver surfer and terax the only seen herlads in mcoc ar part of his army. Terax being his right hand man or the arm of his forces and silver surfer being a foot or steping stool to his plan

    1 percent of my true power
    Proboaly means how galactus is currently weak right now and is at 1 percent of his true power and when he takes his power back he will have access to his true power

    This is just a theory and your proboaly wondering how deadpool is involved with all of this. He most likely isnt and is just pulling his most powerful ability the 4th wall to give us hints to the future. Actually he could be involved by making this event (if true) be like infinity war were all the heroes combine together to match galactus forces
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    Newest transmission
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    Also I just tried the 1.1.6 Deadpool fight with only a 1* Deadpool on my team and nothing happened
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    Yes but it said we have the pieces to the puzzle. I think we need to think simpler. This is meant to be a game for kids so they couldn’t make it to far. Let’s try thinking small now that we may have all the messages
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    I saw that one as well... we all need to work together to see if we can piece the puzzle together. Or Kabam can tell us if they are just doing one of their sick jokes
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    Probably... I have Deadpool, Venompool, Deadpool xforce, but I don’t have gold pool unfortunately
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    Probably... I have Deadpool, Venompool, Deadpool xforce, but I don’t have gold pool unfortunately

    Do you have gwenpool and massacre?

    I doubt you need goldpool to get platpool. He’s too rare. But the three you listed plus gwenpool and massacre get you to 5 for a team (and per the riddle).
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    Profile pic if anything.
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    True do I need a profile pic on?
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    I will use that team but why massacre?
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    Is all we get this useless title: “Bolshoi Dancer” ??????!???!?
  • Is all we get this useless title: “Bolshoi Dancer” ??????!???!?

    Think that Title was for beating new BWDO Target today (not related to PlatPool).
    Just like “Red Room Clone” Title when OG BW was Target earlier.
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    Can this have something to do with all the 'pools' we have in the game??
    Deadpool... Gwenpool... Venompool... Goldpool... Platinumpool...
    There are 5 of those too
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    Maybe we get some sort of announcement today that will shed some light on these messages. *Crosses fingers this isn't another Sticky Key type "surprise"*
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    Are we going to get something? Or will this occur next month? It’s getting anti climactic now.
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    I will use that team but why massacre?

    Massacre is another Deadpool derived champ like venompool and gwenpool. Other than goldpool he’s the only other Deadpool like champ that could be your 5th team member.

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    This is an extremely long thread, so forgive me if this has been suggested/tested already:

    Has anybody popped open 5 of his crystals at once? I’m working towards that, I’ve got 4 on hand right now.
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    Siliyo said:

    Are we going to get something? Or will this occur next month? It’s getting anti climactic now.

    As usual nothing actually happened ! 😂 and platpool will on sell for $3000 instead of “an arm and a Leg!” They never miss an opportunity to disappoint us
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