Rank up dilemma.

So on the 4th July I pulled Guillotine 2099, she was gonna be my next rank up choice but last night I pulled Dr Doom. So now I'm undecided on who to take up. I'm only up to 6.2.2, I've not done any of the variants or labyrinth of legends.


  • Lucasjones98Lucasjones98 Posts: 305 ★★

    And now I've pulled a 5 star warlock.
  • Lucasjones98Lucasjones98 Posts: 305 ★★

  • Wakandas_FinestWakandas_Finest Posts: 576 ★★★
    All 3 are rank up worthy. For me warlock would be the way to go first followed by doom then g2099. The other 2 have higher damage potential but utility is the most important attribute in the meta today and warlock simply has more utility than doom or g2099
  • Lucasjones98Lucasjones98 Posts: 305 ★★
    Ooh okay, yeah was thinking that anyway because I need to get through mr sinister. Luckily about a month ago I pulled ultron so his synergy with warlock will help greatly then once I've finished 6.2 hopefully I can get a rank up gem for doom.fortunately for me my only rank 5 is cap, who can help with the champion boss.
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