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You wonder why players are quitting or constantly annoyed with you? Maybe it’s fact that you never keep your word on stuff. You stated when aq went to 3 mini boss rotation that the same mini boss would not show up 2 weeks in a row on maps. So here my question. Why is Mr. Fantastic the mini boss on map 5 this week when he was the mini boss last week?

Maybe if you keep your word on stuff players won’t get pissed off and quit


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    Can you post the source of your claim. I don't see anywhere where they said what you're claiming.
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    Where did kabam state that the same variation couldn’t appear multiple times in a row? Because everyone apart from you seems to have missed that announcement
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    Wiredawg1 said:

    It’s when they went to 3 mini rotation

    They never said there couldn't be 2 of the same versions in a row. They also never said that there wouldn't be the same mini twice in a row either. On top of all that, today marks the 7.5 season update which essentially restarts everything. This is probably why we are seeing the same version again. Mr Fantastic isn't even hard.
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    Probably has something to do with aq being reset mid season? They updated ai and added in epic modifiers. Mr F is and easy fight anyways
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    Who cares lol? OMG KABAM YOU LIED!!1!
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    maybe i should make a daily video on my channel for "most absurd thread of the day", hmmm
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    They keep trying to make it harder but the crystal's and other rewards stay the same. The only reward buff I have seen in a small buff to honor rewards.
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    Wiredawg1 said:

    Really? Out of all the things to complain about. You’re complaining about the mini boss in AQ lol. Smfh

    You don’t get the point of the post. It’s about kabam keeping their word on stuff. And this is the latest thing they don’t. What part don’t ya get from that?
    I totally get the point of the post. Is to complain lol. I’d welcome fantastic great opportunity to heal and solo a AQ mini. But I don’t run map 5 so 🤷🏽‍♂️
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