2020 SS Eligible Countries


I am writing this post to share my thoughts and it should not be taken as a complain.

I am very disappointed that my region is not automatically calibrated by Kabam. I found out about this game while I was in vacation in Azerbaijan, so my account region is AZ. However, I returned and lived in Russia since then, but my region was set at AZ and I didn't know about it until yesterday. The only way to check it is to go to the in-game leader board and chose region. I have wasted over 1300 units for my masteries, ranked up a couple of 4* champs in order to compete in the 1st week of the qualifiers. Despite the fact that this showdown is nowhere close to a competition but more of a randomness and having a 4* Medusa (week 1 qualifiers) because a lot of random facts determine how good your run is going to be (such as which buff surfer gets, how cooperative he is while baiting sp2, your crits which stack bleeds etc). Still I grinded it out for couple of hours each day, until I killed the SS in 301hits while I had 4:30 minutes left on the clock. I was overjoyed with my success until I found out that my time is ineligible, because my region is set to AZ. Right now, I've filled a ticked to change my region and I will do my best in the next qualifiers round, but it feels so unfair, that Kabam has a pretty good geo locator when someone is piloting AW, but they can't update your region automatically.

I will provide screenshots if needed to the support team, but I don't think they care about my time anyway.
P.S. Forgot to mention, that my account is clear and I've never been banned before and I am not planning to.

Have a great day.


  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    Hope it works out for you.
    Good luck in the next round.
  • SooFanySooFany Posts: 2
    Donnymeij said:

    Hope it works out for you.
    Good luck in the next round.

    Thank you my friend. I hope for global championship, Kabam would try to qualify people from all regions. Even if they will not be able to ship their prizes, at least they can still get a title or something in-game.
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