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Hey all. I’m planning for my first Abyss run in the next week or two and was hoping to get some input on resources. The team I am running is as follows:

Aegon 5/65 sig 112
SS 5/65 unduped
NF 5/65 sig 1
Void 5/65 sig 107
Heimdall as a 4 star for synergy

Resource questions as follows:

1) I have 81 generic stones. Should I toss them all towards Aegon or split between him and Void?

2) Revives/potions: I have 9 level 1s, 3 level 2s, and 3 level 3s. I’m currently farming level 1s but how many should I have in my stash plus overflow? I have very few potions and was planning on dedicating a couple days to using all my energy on ROL, so trying to balance between overflow on potions and revives. Don’t have much in terms of daily cav crystals either.

3) I have about 3,800 units and should be able to get to a little over 4K by the time I make my run. Is this on the lower side or just about right?

Any input on the above would be appreciated


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    With those resources you should be fine. It'll take like 40-60 revives at least for the easy path. As far as sig stones go, I wouldn't say you have to throw them into Void or Aegon. Void you will probably only use for 2-3 fights so he's not really worth it if you're only throwing sig stones at him for the Abyss. With Aegon you have plenty of fights to ramp him up on the easy path so having him at a high sig isn't as necessary, but you might save 2-3 revives in the ramp up process if you use sig stones, so that is up to you.
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    Plan on 80+ revives and count what you need for that. If you’re using lvl 1 revives keep in mind that you probably want to heal a bit on top of them. Once you’re using lvl 2 revives I’d recommend not healing on top of them. Also don’t forget to change masteries accordingly. I think for the most part I just left on non suicide masteries with 3 MD points and max limber. Split wherever else you want but those are the masteries I’d definitely recommend keeping for the whole run so you don’t have to keep rotating them in between champs. The only time to change them is to get suicides back on once you get to the final fight. Stupid fight so might as well have highest damage possible.

    In short - 4K units = 100 revives so you got this.
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