Are you a “Free to Play” player?

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Given the current state of the game, wanted to pose this question to the community at large. I’m 255k+ in an 8m alli. I spent 5-30 bucks a month on specific crystals or gems. And will be stopping that now due to major bugs continuing to emerge after every update.

Are you a “Free to Play” player? 301 votes

Free to Play
KickenChickenEtaki_LirakoiJJWbecauseicantWhododo872vd016JamezBongBadroseLeNoirFaineantwill-o-wispTBJ1118AcanthusStrategicClaytonSubTypicalShadeadSligSaiyanYellsomeDarkZen 159 votes
Couple bucks here and then
DNA3000RotmgmoddyGamerMasterSmokeNEONevvBJh_DezRiegelUKnowULuvItSnakeEyes69DHCVoLtRandomlyGeneratedTitan_A97DrOctavius2_2Haji_SaabA_Noob_Is1Willjackson16stakFinlynndDarkprayer 102 votes
About $50 per month
DL864RagamugginGunnerTsangodDeadbyrd9Itay1234212OutsiderguaVartoxPaddieMarxStarkAshburnThe1_NuclearOnionMauricek80Sam716XLR8 14 votes
A milked whale
Draco2199MattyloDr_ARCHerprestatorRednick69Jets44OsteotomeIrakliJonrdz1Star_Lord_ApacheSKOutsider1haunted_memoryIAmNotUrMomMCCXVIKennadoStingerbkNexus_UY_ScutiMr_mc_person34Asmodeyus 26 votes


  • Dave_the_destroyerDave_the_destroyer Posts: 981 ★★
    mate, $50 and then a whale? Theres a lot of room between those 2 amounts
  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 895 ★★★
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    Free to Play
    mate, $50 and then a whale? Theres a lot of room between those 2 amounts

    This is a condition known as whale denial

    Jks.. Ya i agree whales are the ones that drop $$ every large offer that comes or pop odins like candy
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,774 ★★★★
    Couple bucks here and then
    I use Google Opinion Rewards. Technically I haven't spent a penny, but I have bought offers after saving up a few months from doing Surveys on the approved app.
  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    Couple bucks here and then
    I don't binge on this game, I only spend money once in a blue moon. I've only spent on 3 occasions.

    The first being a Cyber Monday offer (Wallet's 135 units + T4B)
    The second being the WWF organisation (pay the same amount as the Wallet and get access to a special quest, all proceeds go to WWF)
    And the third being the collector's daily card for units. (it was either the cost of wallet or loot bag, i forgot)

    So in total, out of my 2+ years of playing, I've spent about 3 Peter Parker wallets worth of money.
  • Free to Play
    I used to spend, but haven’t dropped a dime in months because of the state of the game
  • gahrlinggahrling Posts: 195
    I've never spent a penny on this game and I've been playing it soon after it first came out. I do spend a lot of time farming those units though..
  • BadroseBadrose Posts: 694 ★★★
    Free to Play
    not a single dollar (or euro), every single offer is way overpriced
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    I've spent on various offers.
    I got sucked into the t4cc offer right before the 12.0 nerf.
    By no means a whale, I've probably spent somewhere between £400-£500 but no more.
    In the past I'd have bought the 4* ag offer that just came out.

    I'm spending no more.
  • AlphaKratosAlphaKratos Posts: 18
    Free to Play
    My PI is 390k+ haven't spent a dime on this game and won't. Kabam is a shady company, buffing the AI, nerfing our champs silently as I feel like after 15.1 update some champs specials aren't doing much damage.
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 637 ★★
    Free to Play
    Got 200K PI. I do not trust Kabam like a mouse does not trust a cat to raise its young. Their consumer service is poor because they are extremely incompetent when it comes to updating the game. Every update seems to be another bug. And Kabam has done little to compensate unless if there was a server outage. With the AW update, we all should have gotten rank down tickets because AW is a big part of MCOC. Antman had lost its value as a Thorns defender.
  • IronBlaze09IronBlaze09 Posts: 114
    Couple bucks here and then
    A couple bucks here and there but I wanna do my upcoming lol runs for free
  • Drummer16Drummer16 Posts: 321 ★★
    Free to Play
    I'll only spend a few bucks once in a blue moon if it's a truly outstanding offer. People in my alliance spend 100$ on 5* all the time and I think they are crazy. I mean, if I wanted to get something I didn't earn, I would just buy an account with duped SL and LOL already completed and spend 10-20x less than I would trying to do that on my own.

    I don't like the idea of selling 5* characters via shards or 100$ crystals as a business model. Capitalizing on materials, potions, revives, and mastery cores is something I can see to speed up upgrading characters you already have found, but just making it so people can get an awesome lineup by forking out money does not create a competitive community. It creates something akin to the sh*tty world we all live in where the 1% who can or are addicted enough to buy every offer have everything and the 99% have to work for the piddly cr*p they try to earn. I also noticed the spenders get way better finds than free to play players. Kinda sucks...haven't seen a 4* even from a PHC in over 5 months now.
    Free to Play
    special "offer" are too expensive
  • StingerbkStingerbk Posts: 158 ★★
    A milked whale
    Retired milked whale.. Lol
  • italian_treeitalian_tree Posts: 79
    Free to Play
    i enjoy the game most without spending any money
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 906 ★★★
    Couple bucks here and then
    52% f2p, yeau not buying it lol,. Most spend a little here and there. Come on guys to be ashamed lol.
  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 957 ★★★
    I spend about $60 a week min, usually much more depending on offers available. However, I'm about to become free to play because I'm unhappy with my specials whiffing and when I post a complaint it gets erased. Then I read a post from kabam that says this will be fixed on IOS but nothing about Android. From all over seen it seems they really don't want my money that badly.
  • CarwishCarwish Posts: 26
    I spent 5€ once. On a good deal. I do like to spend at least a little on the games i play, as at the end of the day the programmers etc. still need to get paid. In General though their valuations are out of this world. It's hard to believe that software companies used to put out a great game on Disc/CD/DVD, which were often in production phase for years, but cost in range of 40-60€/$ (I guess they still do for consoles). And they still made money! But Kabam thinks that one 5* character in their game is worth 50€+. It's insane and frankly kind of sad. I may spend a couple of bucks again if something that seems like a really good deal is presented, but not holding my breath.
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 2,230 ★★★★
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    Free to Play
    Havent spent a cent since v12.0, probably only a couple of hundred prior to that but awakening SW then getting reamed showed me that I should drink it rather than spend on electrons of diminishing and dubious value.
  • jojodeth101jojodeth101 Posts: 480
    Free to Play
    I have a free to play account and a normal account
  • LightvayneLightvayne Posts: 457 ★★★
    Couple bucks here and then
    mum_m2 wrote: »
    I use Google Opinion Rewards. Technically I haven't spent a penny, but I have bought offers after saving up a few months from doing Surveys on the approved app.
    I do the same
  • charaderdude2charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★
    Who flagged almost all f2p guys here with "abuse"?
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 4,601 ★★★★★
    Wasn’t always. Even fell for a few T4 daily special deals recently. But eventually I learn.

    Dr. Zola
  • BashlordBashlord Posts: 148
    Stopped spending after 12.0 patch
  • charaderdude2charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★
    I never dropped a dollar on this game.Even since I started.
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620 ★★
    Free to Play
    I've bought about 5 dollars yet
  • SkellingtonSkellington Posts: 20
    Free to Play
    Drummer16 wrote: »
    I'll only spend a few bucks once in a blue moon if it's a truly outstanding offer.

    Sooo... You're not F2P after all?

  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 789 ★★★
    Free to Play
    I can see that spending money on a game makes the people feel entitled. They want the company to consult with them on every mechanic to be designed/changed. I guess that makes me stay f2p.

    In all honesty, any game/company that has in-app purchases, loot crates etc is just trying to milk you and the rewards are never worth it FOR ME. I love this game though, probably one of the apps that I rated 5* on playstore.

    Maybe I will drop a dollar now, just to support the game, not for the rewards.
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