Who should I use my generic AG on

Psychic_2002Psychic_2002 Posts: 149
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The question is the title above ^ I can take their sig to around 100.

Who should I use my generic AG on 20 votes

SpicyslicerTarun46RockypantherxKill_GreyEtjamadeepblack12Renaxqqaroseinbloom39Monke 9 votes
JBC89MarvzeliusSarvanga1_OmedennSpideyFunkoJJCrush21TrashPanda12CrcrcrcHSS75Primerprime5avenge_123 11 votes


  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 12,153 ★★★★★
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    i mean what’s the rest of the roster look like, and what are you trying to do, but CAIW all the way.
  • Psychic_2002Psychic_2002 Posts: 149
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    Hers the rest of my roster (5* only though)

    Just need a another good science @SpideyFunko
  • Psychic_2002Psychic_2002 Posts: 149
    I don’t know how long it would take me, I’m a f2p player, so it’s a little harder. I expect like 2 months though.
  • Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 6,892 ★★★★★
    Do void
  • OneMast3rOneMast3r Posts: 252
    Cap iw is worth the wait. You can make a case of him being a top champ with his damage plus utility at max sig 200.

    Just spitballing but you could awaken and rank your glaive up for AQ.

    Glaive, guilly 2099, and voodoo make a spectacular AQ team. You can kill all your champs, use a 7000 alliance point level 1 revive and get all your champs back to full health in a few fights. Something to think about.
  • Psychic_2002Psychic_2002 Posts: 149
    I have a cosmic AG, but thx for the advise @OneMast3r.
  • Moot4LifeMoot4Life Posts: 2,041 ★★★★
    DEFINITELY use it on captain america infinity war
  • Psychic_2002Psychic_2002 Posts: 149
    @Etjama Forgot I had it lol.
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