Hear us kabam, it's time.



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    So any thread i create has been nerfed only 6 people can see them lol thanks Kabam.
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    The fun may have gone for those who have well established accounts. I started all over again a few months ago and have enjoyed growing my junior account and not spending, obviously this is my personal experience and I wonder if the newly created accounts in the last 5-8 months would also agree.

    How to make this game "fun" again for those well established accounts seems to be a rather difficult task, other than the obvious of fixing bugs, what would you like to see that is new and exciting again where you can't wait to log in, check forums, watch youtube etc etc etc?

    New chars, been there done that, same same but different.
    Revamped existing content, yeah nah, as above.

    Time to go next level in mobile gaming, we need immersion, where I can duel a top dog with my 3* AA or SL and they physically feel my power Mwahahahahahaha.... yeah dreams are free but it would be cool.

    I've done the same thing. It put a little fun back into it.. the problem is the skills.. flowing through act 4 with 2 3/30s and hardly needing to use any resources... It's still mundane and routine but the little bit of challenge it provided was a light relief. Managed to pull mephisto and medusa each as 4* with single crystal spins for both. Redoing content with new and unfamiliar champs was more fun than anything released lately.

    I not exactly sure where the game went full kamikaze, can't say it was really any one defining moment... I do miss the old times, the good times. We've had 4 guys I've played with for the past 2 years retire within the last 2 weeks. It's more of a chore/job now as opposed to something fun.
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    First, this is a great discussion and i think the dev team should read every message here.

    The game isnt too far off the tracks. A five star arena, fixing aw, and maybe even introducing new content will fix the game, as it will not only have the same reward system as four stars that everyone enjoyed but it will also have new enjoyable and playable content such as:

    Alliance base (i have a post about my idea for this)
    Quest editor
    Online duels
    Much more can be added to this list. Why only reintroduce the same content when there is so much more potential?

    I also have other suggestions in my suggestion posts but the main idea here is keep the game on the tracks by fixing the main problems. You may get more money now but more content will gain much more support and player spending.
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    And this happened
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    It's time to uninstall the game!
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    oct 2017

    what has happened to this game! I'm surprised they didn't close this thread
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    Honestly imo rewards need a rework badly. The sunday arenas are not worth the grind for someone like me im a casual player i spend big if i have the cash to but not all the time. I have 6 5* none above r3. So when it comes to the bigger arenas i run into the hard death match fights 8 fights in. I love my acct and im trying like hell to get uncollected just finished 5.1.6 a couple hours ago. I love the team work in war and aq. Not a fan of the sents. Also not a fan of map 3 crystals. The deals that appear when you open a phc and get a 2 star or a 3 star need to be reworked i think and maybe a unit drop. 2500 for a 4* crystal. Thats madness. But as the days tick on and i invest in my 4* i get disheartened because im just investing res, time, money in the new 3*. I really wish 19.0 would have worked i was excited for the changes to aq. I wish i had better luck with allis in the past cause i might be alot further in my acct. But back to the point i wish the aq rewards would be active. Same with the alli events. So there is some hope on the horizon but as a player of 3 years it would be awesome to see better rewards all over the game. Even the eq rewards arent motivating. Just my 2 cents. I love the game. Dont plan on quitting anytime. So ill deal with quite a bit. Just would be way cooler if these things would happen.
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    They need to stop being such Scrooge's with rank up material, veteran players who aren't in the top 1% or whales should he able to get more t5 basics and t2 alphas to rank 4 and 5 their 5*s, especially with 6*s out. Even t3 class cat quests need improvement, you can waste loads of energy running through them with no full cat to show for your efforts.
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    Kamr05 wrote: »
    They are claiming that 5 stars will become more available. Well, where are the shards then? I was hoping this month would have some shards in the calendar, but nothing. Typical. Act 5 is a joke in terms of 5 star shards. They are willing to give out a 5 star awakening gem, but hardly any shards. Makes no sense. Let's face it, as of now the best way to get 5 stars quicker is through the store. I remember when Kabam sent us 5 star shards in a summoner appreciation mail. Those don't exist anymore, all you see now is offer after offer being pushed in our faces.
    5 star shards were way rarer. They might not be where you’d like them to be, but other than t2a, 5 Star shards, t4c, t4cc and 5 star sig stones are all way more available than they were. Glory store, basic 4 star arena, and increase monthly quest rewards have definitely made a difference. 5/50 four stars used to be an accomplishment now it’s the baseline.
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    Unfortunately, Kabam can’t quite figure out the balance between profit and player satisfaction.. as seen with the bad “deals” and bad “compensation”, as well as, the poorly tested and buggy updates and long standing player-affected bugs, increasing in AW difficulty, poor communication with the playerbase. This is turning off a lot of the players... but Kabam apparently doesn’t care about customer satisfaction and eventually that catches up to companies...
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