Should I use 5* awakening

Should I use 5* awakening 28 votes

On my Gwen pool
AleorKill_GreyBonzodavid 3 votes
Wait for nick fury
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  • Light7Light7 Posts: 152
    Please I'm so confused
  • Light7Light7 Posts: 152
    And should I rank up gwenpool without awakening??
  • OmedennOmedenn Posts: 233 ★★
    If you would already have a Nick Fury, it would be a no brainer!

    I have kept one skill awakening gem, rank up gems 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 + 160 skill signature stones for Aegon, but after 1.5 years I am still waiting.. which means that you might wait forever on certain champs. So use it on whoever you want!

    However, you should know that the moment you have used your gem and resources, Nick Fury will be the next pull, thats how it works
  • Light7Light7 Posts: 152
    Omedenn you are absolutely right
  • Avengerboy99Avengerboy99 Posts: 89
    Wait for nick fury
    I got two skill gems, and I'm NEVER gonna use them until I get Aegon and Nick.
  • Prakhar_82Prakhar_82 Posts: 617 ★★★
    Wait for nick fury
  • dangarang122dangarang122 Posts: 246 ★★
    Wait for nick fury
    I personally love my gwenpool...she was my first rank 4 5 star, and her awakened ability is pretty good....but, its nick fury....I have both of them at the same rank, and I use nick fury more...ultimately it's your choice...
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