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I just pulled a 6-star professor X and I am really happy about that.
Do you have any tips about his use/rotation/utility? He looks like a very cool character to play. I have a nice roster, and I would like to know how to use him and see when he could fit in my team.


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    Do damage
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    I can’t find the link right now, but there’s a great video of someone using him to one shot Abyss Luke Cage which shows the rotation you want. Basically it’s;

    Parry heavy to build up charges.
    Get to just below two bars of power.
    Charge heavy and end it with an SP1.
    Immediately end the channeling with a light attack and hold heavy, then end the heavy with an SP1.
    Repeat that a couple of times.
    After the SP1 that brings you below one bar of power, cancel the channeling by dashing back to refresh your prowess charges.

    The reason this works is launching a special with 100 channeling charges puts the defender under mind control. During that your specials use less power and you gain prowess. The above rotation essentially gives two prowess per special. You can then repeat those steps again to build more. Certainly by the time you get to 10 or so you can do the same thing but start with an SP2, and the SP2 will hit incredibly hard.

    It is worth saying though that this really isn’t easy. There’s a lot of plates to keep spinning here and you will need to practise. Really you’d be better off watching the video on it.

    In terms of how to put him in your team, he’s great with Apocalypse and a team with three or four total mutants. Get Apocalypse up to four charges by fighting a mutant (or making Cable one of the other mutants), then win some fights with Prof X and the combination of the cerebro charges, Apocalypse’s prowess, and his synergy having mutants on the team will make Apocalypse hit stupidly hard with his specials.

    Main good synergy for Prof X is the White Magneto synergy, which lengthens his prowess. Really useful.
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    Thank you very much for the explanation
    Can I start with a spe 3 to get 4 prowess charges?
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