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Lvl 51....r3 6* already ?



  • Huff.... Still some people who aren’t satisfied he’s F2P and did the abyss legitimately.
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    @NewWorld I'm not saying you did one thing or the other. I suspect there is a language issue going on here, because I haven't said anything that says you're a cheater. I just laid out the options, regardless of what you say, people are going to choose what they choose to believe. It is the instincts of some people on the forums that if they see an achievement that is beyond the realms of what they could conceivably achieve, they think it is cheating.

    Which is why in retrospect, I said that 3800 units is actually pretty normal for easy path. It doesn't put you in a God category. And it is also why I pointed out that of everything, the most fortunate part of your journey is that you've had the RNG to counter whatever champ or node that you needed to.

    I called it a minimalist approach to becoming a ThroneBreaker, that is in no way in an insult. Some people will say that you need to 100% Act 4, 100% Act 5, do variant 5 & 6 blah blah blah. In reality, you need a dose of skill and a dose of RNG and good timing and you could be ThroneBreaker in a year. There are a lot of people cut up over the fact that they either don't have the skill or don't have the RNG and have churned away on their account for 4 years and aren't there yet.

    I've essentially done the same thing as you, I've used to gifting event to get revives to clear content, I asked people to send them instead of GGCs. If the gifting event had been in July instead of December, I might have done my Abyss run then, had a 12 month old account that's ThroneBreaker and people would say it's not possible without paying or cheating.
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    Huff.... Still some people who aren’t satisfied he’s F2P and did the abyss legitimately.

    Doesn't help he's misconstruing what I've written.
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    NewWorld said:

    I have a maxed 3* ronan, and i know for a fact that he is the best 3* ingame

    I agreed with you until you said this
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