15.0 Alliance Wars Update Discussion Thread



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    What am I missing here?

    While the community screams to bring back defender kills you tell us its not what we want? Please make sense of that for all of us.

    But they are making changes based on our feedback. Right, guys? Right?

    Feedback: Bring back defender kills. If there are no defender kills, then it doesn't matter where people place champs on defense. Every team will buy their way through the nodes. Nothing will stop them. If you bring back defender kills, people will think about where to place defenders because it will matter where defenders are placed. How is this difficult to understand.
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    2 changes made to war system, both involved buffs to nodes.

    After the 1st time you buffed nodes pages among pages were argued that we needed changes to the scoring system. Please point out the changes you made that were from the majority feedback to show us you are listening.

    The node changes were directly linked to players being worried that their rosters were no longer useful in Alliance Wars because of Diversity. This pointed to a problem where the Map was not providing enough of a challenge, so that Defender Diversity was making the decisions on who won, and not acting as the tie breaker.

    As we said, we're still looking into more revisions that may need to be made after, but this was based on your guys feedback.

    add all or nothing, spite and bane on every node please this will make sense
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    How about Kabam bring an actual DEVELOPER on the forums to discuss, as something clearly is being lost in translation.

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    Teams will both require 100 cuz top allys REQUIRE it if there’s ever a reason for those allys to not 100 they will boot said member so you might as well make al
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    This update is so ridiculous. Again in higher tier wars maps will all be 100% cleared. Whats the end game with these updates?? Continue to make nodes increasingly harder until the item cap limit is a problem? This is just pay to win. At least with the easier maps, no items need to be used for the war to be decided by defender rating. Im really disappointed this is all Kabam has come up with.
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