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We are currently experiencing an Error when Summoners view a Champion’s Synergies while in the Champion Selection screen in Arenas and Duels. We are aware of this issue and are working on a Hotfix to address it. In the meantime, please avoid using the synergy menu to prevent this error and crash. We apologize for this inconvenience. Updates will be posted here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/293506/error-when-looking-at-synergies-from-champion-selection-screen

A.I recovery is insane

SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
You guys make sure the A.I opponents can revover immediately from any screw up they make if they miss a special and you swipe in and take your shot you have to be so damn fast now because they will just do their special again or block but the champs we control are unstable and cannot even register what we want them to do, do you get enjoyment out of this or something.


  • KhanMedinaKhanMedina Posts: 927 ★★★
    Welcome to AQ day 4 & 5
  • RixobRixob Posts: 505 ★★
    No this seriously needs to be fixed. Especially when s3s are used. AI has instant recovery where as we have a delay.
  • it's even more annoying when you use sp1,2 , and A.I recovers before special animations completion
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    @zero7 I mean when the A.I does a special and you evade it and say they have power gain as soon as they miss the first one they instantly do the one that the power gain gave when you swipe in after they did the first one now this is probably the only one that does not matter too much compared to the others since the main one is just how fast they can recover and block.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Nope not really I would know if I was bad playing long ago I had the game around when it released on android and play on a galaxy s6 which is not crappy in my experience.
  • DL864DL864 Posts: 802 ★★★
    It's the device. I only say this cause I have played this game for over two years and for a long time I have played exclusively on my iPad. About six months ago I started playing on my android phone at work and then play on my iPad when I get home . The game respond so much better on my iPad then on my phone the lag is ridiculous on the phone and does not register all the time. So I have come to the conclusion that it's actually the device and not the kabam. Now on day 4&5 of aq I have noticed even on my iPad that the ai is responding insanely quick. The sym will do a heavy attack I will rush in before they have landed and they will go to their special one before I can even hit my hits will miss. That happens even on my iPad on wifi. So for me it's just play a little smarter sometimes I get caught.
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