150k valor is not enough??

It is getting tiring, my luck with the game is just ridiculous. We had a mission yesterday night, now none was up so I spent units for energy refills to finish difficult and get 150k valor to open one. Guess what, nope. Is there anything I don’t get or is it just RNGeezuz that hates me as much as I hate him?


  • Gambl0rGambl0r Posts: 139
    I got 200k valour, 5 people in my alliance already got the 150k valour and 10 others got 50k
    Still no quest
    Yet there are some alliances out there where it was triggered after one person got 50k valor on the first try
  • _ASDF_ wrote: »
    So much whining for new free currency. I already cleared heroic and got 600k. Beat master, another 200k. Triggered the event and got a whopping 100 5* shards. The valor is worth WAY MORE than the special triggered event. In the next day or so I’ll have gotten 2 mill in valor just from the new event...

    Those rewards add up, if the intent was for active alliances to be able to get at least two or three of those a day then the rewards from 60 to 90 events is actually quite a lot.

    At the moment, my alliance has yet to trigger a single one of these, and I'm honestly not sure if it is a bug or just intentionally designed to allow an extremely low trigger chance. What I do know is the projected reward levels that were being talked about before 16.0 released are vastly overestimated relative to Rocket.

    And this isn't about whining about "new free currency." If the event isn't showing up at all or far lower than intended for some alliances, that's a significant opportunity cost. It is also a significant reward opportunity imbalance if it isn't happening universally. This is missing out on free stuff in the same sense that the game being down (which it is at the moment apparently) for a month is just missing out on free stuff.
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