Doom needs a slight buff.

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Ok.Starting this poll off by saying yes,I know that doom is already overpowered and yes I might be a little crazy for suggesting this idea but hear me out.The buff im talking about is immunity to both reverse controls aswell as immunity to falter but if we can have both can we have a buff to reverse controls more preferably.Ok this is why I think that If doom does get this buff he wont be busted.right now in the game we know of few situations or encounters where these mechanichs play in also this small peice of utility wont break the game but be better the reason being there are few little champs who can tackle reverse controls and the selected champs are good but hard to use or just completley trash.Doom on the other hand is a balanced character and versitile.It would make fighting situations with these problems easier and more enjoyable.Also if where speaking comics doom is hands down the best candidate for this buff and then proffesor X due to the fact dooms mind and will are so powerful it puts any marvel character to shame nobody to my knowlege has ever entered dooms mind or shattered his will.Also its not fair how sinister gets the utility of reverse control immunity and doom dosent thats just stupid.Please kabam if your reading please address this because its annoying to see doom without the ability and if you do implement the feauture make the ablilty present in his awaken ability since we players mostly use his awaken abilities for prestige purposes and sometimes cheesing in the corners rarley.

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    Well thats why it would be better for him if he used his awaken ability as a scource to acess these abilites and i also agree with the synergy.Thanks for the feedback
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    I agree🤩
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    Only thing i noticed in this post was X men cross between Emma's babies.
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    You are basing your information in the wrong thing
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    I wouldn't mind more champs being immune to reverse control but Doom seems like a terrible candidate since he's already one of the absolute best champs in the game. It would be like giving Nick Fury a bunch of immunities (which incidentally was a suggestion from someone a while ago).

    If such an ability were to get added to another champ, I'd prefer it be to someone lower down on the totem pole. I think White Magneto could be a possible candidate. I think both Magnetos should be immune to all forms of mental manipulation since that's what his helmet is all about, but adding it to Red Mags' kit would run into the same problem as adding it to Doom's - he's already too good and doesn't need to be better.

    But White Magneto? He's a good champ but squarely in the high-but-not-highest tier, where he could easily be synergized up a bit without breaking him. I certainly don't think he needs that buff (or any buff), but neither of the Mags being resistant to it has just always bugged me since it's a famous ability of theirs in the comics.

    Who else could be a candidate? Before his buff, I'd probably have said Diablo. With him constantly drinking potions with reckless abandon, it seems like he'd be used enough to the world swirling around him to ignore such effects. :smiley:

    I also think that Emma Frost and Jean Grey should have it in their base kit. I don't mind Emma giving it to Mysterio but having her need him for it seems a bit weird. And Jean is Jean. She's incredibly un-OP as-is so I hope they add it to her eventual overhaul.

    It would be cool if Taskmaster could become immune to it just like with other debuffs, but I don't know how useful that would be in boss fights. Maybe for delirium lanes or something.
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    You made a good point bro based on comics and character. Unfortunately kabam doesn't follow that completely. Just look at Blackbolt, Thor and Dr Strange, for example to name a few. They should be more powerful.
    This post might have been better in suggestions. Appreciate your love for character, but don't see it happening in the game anytime soon.
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    Doom needs full immunity!!
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    I'd take is as quid pro quo - remove his riddiculous base stats and give him immunity. But with both he would be "OP" in the true meaning of the word - overpowered, too powerful.
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    Doom is very OP in comics too. Yes according to the comic he should have it. And his track record in field of WILL is just astonishing.
    But in mcoc things don't work like that. He's OP already. If it was base ability from start it wouldn't have been much problem. But at this point , players have founded his ideal rotation and he wrecks content. Arguably the top 3 champ of the game. Tho this buff add little niche but this niche will prove too broken on such champ
    Low-key I would be happy to see this on doom as he's one of my fav charcter from Marvel and game. But this is not happening. Face the reality
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    While comics can be an inspiration, what matters is the balance of the game. Without taking the cheat codes Ghost and Quake into consideration, Doom is the most powerful champion of this game. He doesn't need a buff.
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    Inertia_ said:

    I agree🤩

    The Doom in MCOC isn't not the same Doom from the Comics.
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    doom needs to be reverse and mind control immune just like magneto when professor x can't control his mind in the comics because of his helmet.

    That's not how Dr. Doom's power works.
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    MCOC draws from a variety of sources when creating Champions. Of course some of it is from Comics, but there are other sources, and the game is a world in and of itself. Not all Champs will be completely accurate to Comic Books.
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    Also, unblockable every 5 seconds, and 30% power gain evry 10.
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    Thanks everyone for your comments I understand where everyone is coming from.I know i sounded a little bit crazy suggesting this buff but if im talking in the grand scheme of things dooms buff will not break the game,it wont change the games economy,its not gonna make him the no.1 character in the game but just add a little bit of spice to the character.I know im not speaking for everyone but right now currently as it stands dooms interactions with other characters feel bland and boring same old doom cycle no varation.Im not saying adding this buff will fix completley fix the bland interactions but bring back more hype to doom and make More fun and interactive fights etc.Im not trying to make doom the strongest character but a more fun character to play.
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    RIP disagree:agree ratio
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    So basically this guy got lucky enough to pull a 5* or 6* Doom, but does not have the skill to fight Emma Frost. So here he is, crying.
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