SOP Reward selections

SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 1,125 ★★★★

Here is my 6* roster, and below I will have my current T5CC stash. I have Red Mags, Prof X, Corvus, and BWDO taken up to rank 3 already, and am really not sure who I want to take up as a Mystic. My tech pulls are pretty meh (would actually love to take Doc Oc up to rank 3, but I’d wait until he’s awakened), but I have a T5CC and a Tech 1-2 gem waiting in my inventory, so I’m considering getting a Tech 6* Nexus from SOP. I would also like to get a mutant T5CC for Emma (way underrated) and maybe Mole man, but I would love to hear thoughts on if I should pick a different class for the nexus or the two full T5CC selectors! I think my chances of pulling a Mystic that I would love are better than Tech, but my Tech roster is pretty scarce.


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