what's with the overtuned side quest?

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I took Moleman and HT into the Roblin quest. After wasting several minutes trying to outdamage masochism, I quit out and closed the game in disgust.
The path feels long (even with just 2 defenders) and the boss is all sorts of annoying.
I had better options but didn't think it through (my fault) but there really is no option that will make that fight any less annoying. Apoc for masochism? Then you have to deal with endless specials. Doom for power control? Your sp2 does basically no damage. Magik for power control? Fight would take forever.
And we have to do this every day? The rewards aren't that crazy for this level of annoyance.
I have the counters alright but this is the least fun I've had in a side quest since Jubilee's snoozacade.


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    I cant come up with a counter tbh
    Does someone have any idea?

    Anyone who has passive DoT's or anyone who doesn't apply a ton of debuffs.
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    Anyone know some good option for the venom pool quest? Also what’s the health pools like for legendary?
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    I did the Venompool one and do NOT recommend doom unless max sig cheese can be done. The enemy gains more power then you drain. Elsa with resistance ignore seemed like the right way to go.
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    Maybe the access to Legendary difficulty is being extended to players it shouldn't be. Now days, there's a philosophy about this game that if one has access to a piece of content, that it should be tuned for them specifically. That's never been the case in the past.

    There's always been an assortment of players who have access to something. And the level of individual difficulty you experience is based on your own personal progression (both roster and combat experience)...within your progression bracket. Here's why this is ok: Think about it this way. If a player is finding a piece of content they've been given access to difficult, it likely means the rewards are more valuable to your account than someone who doesn't find it difficult.

    The relative value of rewards also scales up with the relative difficulty of the content. If that makes sense. 500 6 star shards, for example, is likely more impactful to one's account if they find the quest difficult. And it's less impactful for someone who does not. This kind of balances things in a way.

    Edit: The best solution may be that another difficulty is needed altogether, beyond Legendary. With different access requirements. If that happened, Legendary could be retuned.
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