Mcoc discension

Thought you are not alone in this madness called marvel contest of champions

All across-the-board instability and frustration reigns supreme

The game seems to be set up in a "units to win" gameplay scenario.

Many alliances working map four and five have noticed a decrease in our offensive and defensive accuracy and a increase of the AI offense and defense of accuracy.

This directly generates income Kabam

Even among strong alliances the turnover lately… Massive shifts in player base…
People quitting and or moving to different alliances
Either out of frustration
Shifting priorities
or growing infighting between alliance members

Whatever the circumstances the game in general is not as enjoyable as it once was there for its value has diminished

I'm also observing these similar trends
I only hope that somehow this is self rectifying

Just wanted to let you know a lot of alliances are going through this purgatory
This massive instability within the game destabilizing core motivations, the pleasure of playing this game. From All Summoners


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    RydertheblackRydertheblack Posts: 296
    At first I thought It was me, but then I realized how **** up is the accuracy against us. It really frustrates to see how so few things had been done to improve the game. Apparently the main focus now is to fix the bugs, and barely new improvements are given to us. It crossing the line from being a game to become a pain.
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    Berserk_NationBerserk_Nation Posts: 223
    I've personally throttled back my time and units spent on this game, but won't totally abandon because this game is like crack. And Kabam is the dealer - first hit is free.
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    Tse7en5Tse7en5 Posts: 39
    My observations are that 12.0 was meant to increase the overall difficulty, likely as future-sight to a game more geared towards 5* end game content. We saw champions nerfed as well as changes to blocking and parry which significantly impacted the difficulty level.

    These numbers were more accurately adjusted after the community backlash as a concession. I know a lot of people feel like the removal of Alliance Revives and such is there as a means to increase revenue - but I see it more as a means to manage the difficulty level for players in a world where the 12.0 changes were not able to completely stick on their own.

    Long story short, the game needs to have the difficulty adjusted if the game wants to introduce more 5* champions through increasing the opportunities to obtain them. Players are going to feel this as they have been, in one of 2 ways.
    • Difficulty is upped prior to increase in 5* availability, and we feel it like we do now.
    • Difficulty is upped after increase to 5* availability, and devalue playability for new content releases

    I get why the game has shifted away from Alliance Revives, but that does not mean I agree with it. Removing them is a pretty big deal, as they are an important part of balancing the free-to play-model with the pay-to-play model. Players on the FTP model can use them to keep up with players that PTP. Removing them means there is more disparity between those on FTP and those on PTP.

    In the end though, difficulty needs to be adjusted when you consider the future and longevity of the game. As time moves along, it will eventually balance itself out a bit more. But the struggle is real right now.

    As for the bugs and radio silence on updates from Kabam. That is just a byproduct of producing too much new content with limited resources at hand to address them in a timely manner. Their desire to continually push out new and exciting content is appreciated, but they should probably take a step back and re-evaluate if it is worth the lack of community engagement and ability to fix issues in a timely manner.

    I can live without new content so long as things keep running smoothly, and I am sure most players can and would be more than happy with.
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    MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 344 ★★
    edited June 2017
    I agree with the OP, after 12.0 the game is not functioning properly and each bug fixed reveals more problems.

    They should focus on clearing all bugs and produce a smooth release...before launching new content!
    The player base is frustrated and at Kabam they keep pretending nothing happens.
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    Mcord11758Mcord11758 Posts: 1,249 ★★★★
    The shift is a bit silly at times though. Starting day 3 and much more so in day 4 and 5 I find that 5/50 champs have such reduced output that the fights are overly long and leave too much room for a mess up.

    On day 3 my 5/50 voodoo is close to same rank as most of my opponents and in some cases like 2k less outside of sub and main boss. Against symbiods in particular I am having fights that are taking 50 hits including having at times up to 6 to 8 spirit venom stacks. Meanwhile if I miss one parry and take 3 hits I am down 1/4 of my champ.

    Don't get me wrong I am holding my own but it's just silly. My rank 3 5* drax had half life left in fight against dormanu. I got a little to aggressive and pushed him to his l2. I died blocking it. That's like 9k damage from a blocked sp.
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    LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    They did state for the new season that the maps would be more difficult. Factor in you're fighting newer defensive champs and you have higher prestige than you used to, and AQ gets tougher.

    Harder is not bad, assuming the gameplay works and we can evade/parry as we need to.
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    4_ME_U_D0N34_ME_U_D0N3 Posts: 141
    I use my 4s r5 x23 cause she is a regen champ once i hit 3 bars of power my regen stops i am blocking all hits and end up with having lost more than half my hp i know her regen is not reliable but still i take full no debuff path in map 5 i use her cause she regens and has class advantage plus they dont bleed that gives me the chance to regen her...But instead of regen i end up losing hp without taking any direct hit...In aw u get hit by an l1 u lose 9k hp...They have made the game to have no room for mistake so if we make a mistake we will have to buy revives..Since they removed revives from milestones rewards in AQ...Thats a scam not a game
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    edited June 2017
    Not really a problem playing the game. In fact, the level of the Master difficulty of the event quests has decreased so much it is now plainly laughable. The new arena system make it so ridiculously easy for anyone to get the 4* champs in the basic arena, I now no longer take any pleasure, let alone any pride, in having an almost complete 4* roster. As to AQ, I can admittedly only speak to the map 5 difficulty, but with a couple of lvl 4 health potions on the rare occasion, I invariably power through Rhino and Cable, and blow Dormammu to kingdom come with next to no effort using my 5/50 Hulkie and my 4/55 SL.

    I do agree, however, that the money grab seems to have been upped in many ways, but increase in difficulty? Hardly.
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    BCdiscmanBCdiscman Posts: 348
    edited June 2017
    Is this a case of the 'Boiling Frog'? I remember on the old forum we had a Dev actually come and post an apology for 12.0 but I remeber that there was one thing that he said that gave me pause, 'We had the best of intentions but we went to far to fast.' (Paraphrasing). So the question I have is... is KABAM now going back to the exact game play of 12.0 but this time just doing it a little at a time so that we slowly get used to the changes but still end up exactly where they wanted us back at 12.0?
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    LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    @BCdiscman Yes, that's what their plan has always been in my opinion. Hence why they only zeroed out the stats that people hated instead of removing them from the game. I think you can expect to see a design similar to 12.0 in the near to intermediate future, though hopefully that is revised some to suit the needs of the players (such as block damage).
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    RehctansBewRehctansBew Posts: 442 ★★★
    My biggest concern is the lack of attack or abilities against syms in AQ now. There are times when Wolvie stops regening completely against any mystic sym. Not mention it feels like they have reintroduced the resistance for blocking and attack on all Syms. I've ran line A in section 1 everyday and by day 4 and 5 even when I don't take single hit I'm almost 3/4 health down. Syms attack is equal to RH in Lol. Seriously frustrating to watch as on slip and they crit hit you at 3500, yet 20 hits in an you still crit under 2k. Yes they said it would be harder and I'm fine with that, I would just like to see the balance they preach so much about when they kill all of our good champs. Balance only works when it's on both sides and not just in the check books.
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    Tiant3Tiant3 Posts: 2
    Don't make excuses for kabam, if you put a product out, it should work, and nerfing abilities to make the game more competitive is absurd, saying that it helps make the game competitive is a cop out, you increase the games difficulty not decrease the players power and ability, absolutely ridiculous! All kabam is interested in is profit increase, doing the daily catalyst quest to rank up champs and normally getting full catalyst to getting partials, but hey you can buy a full catalyst for a limited Time offer is strictly a cash grab. These are Kabam's tactics
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    Mbeta01Mbeta01 Posts: 1
    Hello I'm Mbeta01- The original post author

    "Thank you titan3 being perceptive enough extending my thoughts to the MCOC community"

    It's great to hear everyone's thoughts and constructive feedback… It's most encouraging.

    Allow me to be clear.
    At the end of the day this is a app based game on my phone.
    When using the gaming app Marvel Contest of Champions I should feel excited, exhilarated full of anticipation. The game should be a pleasure, challenging but pleasing at the same time.

    In the last few months I feel the spirit of the game has changed. It's lost something vital something that made me play for hours and hours a day.

    Something that made me strive for level 60 and push myself beyond what I thought was possible in my skill set.
    When opening crystals I'm no longer shocked because nothing premium will be extended to my account.

    In Alliance War and Alliance Quest as a skilled player regardless of my maneuverability the AI will always command the advantage.

    Errors and glitches caused by updates will be slowly rectified while the gamer suffer daily.

    Are these consistencies built in as a financial revenue or naturally exist digitally due to lack of proper testing?

    For the time invested it saddens me the degradation of the Marvel brand.

    In my opinion skill should be the deciding factors when questing and war not units and revives.

    Lastly it's the feeling of hopelessness that breeds frustration.
    No matter what is said or done, what is promised or broken. As long as Marvel Contest of Champions makes money consumers are at Kabam/Netmarbles mercy.
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