One Eye Open Node Broken when NOT stunned

The One Eye Open buffed node is broken in how it reflects the damage given to the attacker. The node notes “100% of the Damage dealt to the Defender while stunned is dealt back to the Attacker.“. This is broken in the fact that damage can be reflected without actually being initially applied to the defender and killing the attacker prematurely. Example: A non-stunned defender and utilizing Doom SP3 results in a post-stun but the initial damage caused by the attack goes against the attacker and does not initially get applied to the defender.

In the attached images, I also have the video for this fight, ithe damage should be first applied to the defender and then reflected to the attacker if the attack did not kill the defenders. I’ve included two screenshots from my video showing at the very end of my Doom’s SP3 that Groot has 20% health and Doom has 44%. The next frame returns to the fighting screen shows the additional damage that should have been applied to Groot and recorded on the screen of 30,454 but his HP did not go down so the reflecting 30,454 against Doom kills the attacker hence 0% on his health. This is the defect. The HP should have been recorded against Groot and killed him before the reflection would occur because reflection should only occur on alive and active defenders.

I have also recreated and confirmed the behavior in regards to the damage initially inflicted should be applied to the defender and not back to the attacker IF the damage kills the opponent. I tried this on the next node with the same buff and I could see that the last hit that kills the defender that the damage received is not reflected back to the attacker. I too have video of this scenario.

I also see that in individual frames that with normal non-KO strikes I can see the registering of damage taken by the defender and then a frame later the damage reflected on the attacker. This would be the expected behavior of a non-KO strike.


  • GrandOldKaiGrandOldKai Posts: 665 ★★★★
    I'm assuming that something weird goes on during Dr Doom SP3 such that the Defender is already stunned when SP3 triggers, the SP3 cutscene plays as normal, then play resumes - only, since the Defender was stunned, you get the damage.

    Do you have other attackers with a SP3 that causes Stun to test with?
  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 4,996 ★★★★★
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    not sure if it's a bug or not, but i have noticed that if the defender is stunned as a result of the sp3, the stun "triggers" before the sp3 animation starts. so, if the sp3 doesn't ko the opponent, the damage is reflected back to the attacker because it was recognized as "during" the time that the defender was stunned. this hasn't changed based on the latest update. i remember seeing a swedeah video a while ago where he threw a sp3 on path 9 with kingpin and the damage got reflected back. let me try and find that so that it'll help the investigation

    edit: interesting use of 10 minutes but i found it
  • StrikerGStrikerG Posts: 2
    Okay, so that damage indicated is the total damage that is dished out. In my case, 30,454 damage was the total of the SP3. With what @TheBair123 's shared video, it looks like the defect exists in a form with other champs as well. The activation of the SP3 should not invoke stun (out of thin air without touching the defender, now that would be magic) but the kicking the **** out of the defender is what stuns them. Just for documentation, Doom's special 3 notes "100% chance to inflict a Passive Stun for 2 seconds". Now I do know of another champ that its execution of the SP2 has "100% chance to Stun for 2 seconds." and that is Captain Marvel movie edition. When her SP2 finishes is when the defender is stunned and the total damage for the execution of the special is not reflected back to the attacker. So there is a difference in how the "100% stun" is applied and that in itself is a defect.
  • avs7733avs7733 Posts: 21
    I’m curious how this would also relate to the petrify mastery. If champs like kingpin and doom are inflicting the stun before anything else on their sp3 then at max petrify they should be giving the defender 30% less power from the special attack.
  • LilMaddogHTLilMaddogHT Posts: 927 ★★★★
    Not what you want to hear but, during Special 3 animations, you gain all the post benefits while it's going on, so yes Groot is passively stunned during the animation and yes, Doom also has the Fury buff active. Both Groot and Doom took the 30k damage instantly which is what is supposed to happen.

    This is the same interaction that occurs with Power Snack and Doom (which I use all the time in Map8 AQ). If you do not trigger Power Snack BEFORE the L3, the Fury is consumed during the Special 3 animation and the damage is very small because the Fury isn't helping do any work.
  • i think during dooms s3 he stuns you before the mini game/ animation starts. so after the s3 ends and the game resumes the damage gets reflected back as the game inputs that he took damage while "stunned"
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