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What is up with the bad Arena lag today?

OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 818 ★★★
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Keep disconnecting and getting a forced loss.

Already cost me one infinite streak and nearly a second.

Anyone else experiencing this?
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  • Ironside47Ironside47 Posts: 315 ★★★
    Same here. I won a fight with vision, it went to the victory screen, then I lost my connection. Restarted and had lost the fight. I find that absolutely infuriating.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 6,695 ★★★★★
    [insert hamster/server jpeg here]

    Dr. Zola
  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,036 ★★★
    edited August 22
    For every fight I've lost one fight per set simply due to game crashing and then reloading the game up and it says I lost despite not even getting to fight. Curious has anyone seen in any of the arena fights a Deadpool character (Deadpool (OG), Deadpool X-Force, Gwenpool, Venompool)?

    Just hoping to get resort objective/work on arena...you know two birds one stone. ;)
  • WarlockjrWarlockjr Posts: 570 ★★
    It happened to me to but I got lucky and it said I won those fights
  • ShiroiharaShiroihara Posts: 620 ★★★
    I can understand there might be increased traffic but why does it have to default to a loss?
    By all means make me redo the fight but don’t punish me for the game’s limitations.
  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,230 ★★★★★
    while arena lag is annoying, arena AI is equally bad. they don't dash towards you, and when you dash towards them, they just throw a light and intercept you into a full combo
  • 7714dtl7714dtl Posts: 338 ★★★
    Its just like whenever new content is released and lots of people jump on to clear new EQs/content. Lots of people trying to knock it out. The servers can't handle the volume of people playing
  • FiiNCHFiiNCH Posts: 1,374 ★★★★★
    I’ve not had lag issues, but my inputs have been all over the place today, to the point that my champ doesn’t even move when I swipe backwards. Incredibly frustrating.
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