Anyone else finding Quicksilver to ignore your blocks in Battlegrounds?

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Quicksilver is becoming an instant BG ban for me cause he seemingly cheats.
I have encountered Quicksilver outside of BGs, and he is an upstanding guy, and takes rejection like a champ.
But when I encounter him in Battlegrounds, he quickly gets very handsy.

This is a joke, but in more obvious terms - I can fight QS as normal in regular content (EQ, arenas, etc), but over the past few days, whenever I try and fight him in a Battlegrounds round, he tends to ignore my blocks completely. This is because, I guess, he moves faster than my block input is registering in battlegrounds?

It is not 'git gud' since I can handle QS as a defender in other content. It is not just my phone, since again, I don't see any slowdowns with QS as an attacker or defender in other content. It is not just BGs, since every other round and other matches with other characters work fine.

Anyone else encountering this? Is there just this weird QS + BG + latency effect going on, or is this just a one-off occurrence for me?


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    I haven't fought him that much but I guess he goes through blocks when u try to reparry him
    Domino does the same thing & probably some other double medium champs as well
    Whether he is doing that or going through solid blocks is what should be looked at
    He has also broken my blocks but I think it ws bcoz I was trying to get a reparry or trying to get out of the way mid combo, which I often do successfully against other champs
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    I fought him in war the other day and got humiliated. Have not recovered yet.
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    DrZola said:

    More in BGs than questing. Latency, lag, input lag or whatever, I find BGs for me takes a special effort at timing than other modes. And even that sometimes isn’t enough.

    Kabam’s had their servers made fun of for this game as long as I can remember. I’m not a coder, but I would imagine this particular mode puts a lot of stress on them. If you recall, it was just a couple of weeks ago that the new featured crystal was blamed for making the game laggy (Jax, I think). It shouldn’t come as a surprise in a mode with speed cranked up and lots of server demand that we see odd things happen, but that’s just my uninformed opinion.

    Dr. Zola

    That makes sense. I wonder if the coding where QS does two basic hits in the time it takes another champion to do one basic hit puts some additional server strain on Battleground matches that already require a lot of work (like synchronizing match times for the two players who may be at different parts of the globe)
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    I’ve had this experience with him. Thought I just missed the block or something. He moves so quick I assumed my timing was off or that I let up on block too early. Maybe there is something to what you’re saying.
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    His animations are pretty messed up. It was one of those cases where the designers wantes to try something new and ended up breaking the character
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    Happened to me in BGs this morning. My KP blocked the first two hits of his Sp1, then got hit by the next one.

    Natural question to myself: did I happen to lift my thumb unnoticeably? Don’t think so, and given that I’ve noticed something like this before, I find it unlikely I changed my input.

    Working theory is more input issues. I suspect something happens when QS heavy animations hit block. Whether the game simply drops my block input or there’s something related to order of operations that changes in the middle of his special is something I don’t know.

    Dr. Zola
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    The reverse is happening for me.
    I'm using QS and after landing a medium, I go for a light, but the ai hits me.
    I've stopped using him for now and just stick him in war defence.
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    Going to point something out here…it shouldn’t come as a shock for a champ with unique animations and hit style to create issues.

    Concurrently, it should be a regular occurrence for issues like this to have some sort of acknowledgment (other than getting the thread moved to Bugs). That acknowledgment creates a sense of trust and goodwill between customer and service provider.

    I realize there’s a lot of “crying wolf” on forums. I also realize there are a lot of threads to keep up with. But it is discouraging to fail to get a response. It is also discouraging to check in on the tracker but see older bugs and cleared bugs still listed with no mention of something like the problem noted here.

    I realize it’s hard to manage all the various things that can pop up with a phone game being run on scores of different devices with near infinite connection configurations. It would be great to get a bit more communication and attention.

    Dr. Zola
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