Do Victory Shields get used even if you win, or do they carry over until you lose?

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When I search on the forums, I find stuff like this that seems to state that they are consumed after one BG regardless of results.

Also, all of the posts are older, from season 1-2, so I don't know if it's been modified since then. Thanks all.

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    when I used them this season they were consumed in the next match win or lose.
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    when I used them this season they were consumed in the next match win or lose.

    Thanks for the update.
  • The POLL you quoted was asking what people think *should* happen, not what happens in reality.

    Yes, they get used no matter if you win or lose.

    And (from another post), evidently if you enabled a Shield, and then switched to running a *friendly* match instead of a competitive (VT or GC) one, it also had consumed that active Shield.
    They were preparing to do another Victory Track match soon, but then got a Friendly-Request come in that they accepted instead.
    Which in that case really needs to be looked at by @Kabam Miike, because that should not have happened. Friendly matches don’t have Medal Tracks that you progress thru, and so don’t warrant the using of an active Victory Shield.

    They said they didn’t think they would have needed to first Cancel their Shield before accepting the Friendly.
    Which when I went and tried something out to do a test, I applied a Shield, and tried to CANCEL it (ie, changing your mind, or wanting to do Friendly instead). There WAS NO WAY TO CANCEL a currently applied Shield.
    A Cancel Shield (obviously, before ever doing that next Match) option should be added to game.
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