What's with swords not causing bleeds.

I mean look at all the recent sword using champs. Taskmaster, sword doesn't cause bleed(talking about his sword I know his l1 causes bleed) Angela(beating a dead horse here) Psylocke, Hela(her animations have swords but no bleeds) Thor Rag(l2 doesn't cause bleeds) .......is this some kinda fetish Kabam?


  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 27,391 ★★★★★
    Not every blade will cause Bleed. Many Champs are designed with weapons. They have Abilities that are balanced within the game. We can't have Bleed with that many Champs. Lol.
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,570 ★★★★
    That's like saying everyone should have bleed because they could bust a nose.

    If everyone had the same abilities it would be stupid anyway
  • TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 354
    Agree. Developers doesn't use much logic while making characters.

    Deadpool causes bleed with just his punches, Moon Knight with his Stick, Ultron again with punches but Night Crawler, Psylocke, Angela, doesn't cause bleed with their swords. NC, Angela, Psylocke are much likely to cause bleed with their swords than DP. Ultron and MK.

    But it's alright we can live with that. All characters are pretty much balanced. Not every champ should cause bleed. If you want bleed from NC, Psylocke, Angela etc then Kabam should also remove bleed from champs like DP, Ultron. MK etc.

    But the 2 most nonsensical things in MCOC IMO are:
    Iceman is not immune to coldsnap wtf! He's the only champ with Coldsnap debuff and he's not immune to his own coldsnap. LOL
    And Ghost rider is not immune to Incinerate debuff WTF, that man rides on hell fire. Gimme a break!
  • GruftyGrufty Posts: 186
    I can't speak for all champions mentioned but there was a thread a while ago from a mod that mentioned magik's sword.

    She doesn't cause bleed because the sword is magic and damages their soul (or some lame reason like that).

    I suppose a better question is with the few people that use guns, how can you block multiple bullets without bleeding or dieing (obviously the hulk, Luke Cage etc. are exceptions)?

    I suppose the only real answer is that this is a make believe game and due to diversity not everything makes real life sense...
  • AshyKnucklesAshyKnuckles Posts: 36
    If Groot's special 1 caused bleed I would take my 4* version to 5/5.. He would be a beast then..
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