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seeking an alliance

pics are from Gold 1 path 6 i was kicked for asking for help on my path. Want to up my game and build roster AQ not a big deal will do it. AW and raids more i want in the alliance. DM me garyg2024 on discord no line hate that app.
Past alliance gold 1 tier 5 100,389 rated


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    GaryagGaryag Posts: 488
    this game is for super rich, if do not spend you do not play.
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    GaryagGaryag Posts: 488
    past alliance was 1000,389 rated sorry for typo
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    Superstar_1126Superstar_1126 Posts: 420 ★★
    Hmu on line @ superstar1126

    We'd love to communicate further and have you join us!
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    Meister_of_LXMeister_of_LX Posts: 32
    [ΛVRHT] is looking for members. We are a mainly AQ focused alliance, we do maps 5 and 4 so it's very easy to grind some glory and all we ask our members is to participate daily in AQ and meet us on LINE. search for [ΛVRHT] if you're interested and request to join or add me "Herr Nietzsche" in-game.
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