**WE ARE NO LONGER Temporarily Reverting Tier 1 War Ban System**

After further discussion, the game team has made the decision not make adjustements to the ban system.
The previously proposed fix would have resolved the issue for Summoners who are on the cusp of T1/T2 play, and negatively impacted Alliances more securely in T1. Instead, we recommend that cusp Alliances switch to Manual Placement to your members to place the allotted 5 Ban Champions limit there.

Apologies for the back and forth, and for any confusion.

Incursions store

Strongly believe that the incursion store should be updated to allow summoners to purchase incursion health and revive potions, similar to the other stores in game. Strange that no one at Kabam have thought to do this.


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    TP33TP33 Posts: 1,637 ★★★★
    I think the store needs a complete overhaul and update tbh. It’s been pretty outdated for a while. The way I would do it is introduce 6 and 7 star shards. But in a way where buying a full crystal from shards is inefficient, e.g if a 6* is 50k artefacts 1k 6* shards could be 5.5k artefacts. Same with 7* shards, make 1k worth 50k artefacts each i think you’ll get an uptake in people playing the mode.

    Additionally I think instead of the seemingly random (and useless) special 6* crystals they should use incursions to introduce wish crystals. The way I would do this is have a selection menu where summoners can choose 2 champions from 5 categories

    1. Meta attackers (your hercs, kitties etc)
    2. Meta defenders (onslaughts, bullseyes, kindreds)
    3. Recently buffed champs (RG, Red Skull Lucky cage)
    4. New champs (any champ released in the past 6 months)
    5. Duds (crystals gotta be balanced)

    The 6* should be worth about 100/200k artefacts, something to grind towards, but it would get people playing incursions and also help alleviate the pain of hunting for champs and never getting them
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    PriyabrataPriyabrata Posts: 1,054 ★★★★
    edited April 10
    Have been saying this for months at this point, it doesn't make sense that there's literally no way to get Incursions revives aside from units and Incursions event that happen like once or twice a year.
    Edit: yes you have a chance to get them from the weekly crystals but that has happend only once for me, from the time they were released
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