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Looking for players! Gold Alliance Map 7 AQ !!

[Aruuh] Srgt's Howling Commandos wants YOU!

We are currently recruiting players for the alliance. We are looking for a friendly and organised team player who is active and can handle his/her paths in AQ & AW.

We are an international team of players with a friendly atmosphere and some very experienced, knowledgeable players in the group.
Currently GOLD 2 TIER 5 in AW & AQ we do map 7 +epic mods, 400m+ AQ score. We come in the top 20% for BG's.

Entry requirements:
- HR - 2M+ preferable
- Must participate in AQ and AW daily
- Must have Line App
- Team player

Do you have what it takes to be a howling commando to fight to protect this Battle Realm? Add me if interested :
Contest id - Sgt Psycotic
Line id - sergeantpsychotic


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