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Unfair ban

CicadasxCicadasx Posts: 5
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I know this isn't the right place but I dont know where to else to reach you guys. Ive been submitting reports, emails but it keep on saying case closed or under investigations

I am a new player just 7 months playing. My ID is Cicadasx. This short time ive been playing actively day and night, and also bought crystals, units, items etc to help my progression. Im in good Ally surrounded by good friends which helps.

However i am still a newbie. I have never won any hero in Arena as i dont have enough hero or arent good enough to grind and have a good streaks. I have never been AW MVP. Have never even killed a Miniboss in AW actually. Im even struggling in AQ. Have only ever done 2 Master quest and 1 Bossrush challenge as it is still hard for me.

Recently I created another account with a different emails to try and inprove on the mistake I made at the first place. Thus i have been playing on these 2 accounts back and forth between my 2 phones.

I have never been using any 3rd party aps, bots mods or whatever. My phone aint even rooted. I am noy using any player sharing. Buying service or anything. Not even active in chat to be spamming or abusive.

Thus it suprised me when I log in yesterday to receive news that both of my accounts were banned for a week. I submitted reports for these but your Support system is really weak and lacking.

Know that for a new player like me, missing a day in game is devastating. Missing in the daily login bonus which includes a T2A is big. Missing all the crystals, and rewards for War, Quests etc is huge for me. I believe I have been unfairly punished and missing on many benefits from being treated as such.

Please please please rectify this as soon as possible. I am sick of receiving your Under Investigations notice as I am already punished (unfairly) while you guys are still investigating.

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