NEW Prestige for Luke Cage

So, as of now, NO prestige calculator has the current prestige for the NEW Luke Cage 5*. I've been using him quite a bit lately, and he has definitely become a top tier champ. This is the issue: I'm considering taking my 5* to r4, BUT I need to know his prestige first - resources are precious and I wanna kill two birds with one stone: Utility and Personal Prestige.

Here's what I got after removing ALL masteries:
LC 5* R3 - Sig Lvl 20: 4375

That makes him higher than Storm now. I have her 5* R3 - Sig Lvl 45: 4333

If any one has any idea about him at r4, please help out. Thanks!


  • Rank yours and inform me of his prestige! Thanks! He’s a beast now
  • miracle85miracle85 Posts: 13

  • miracle85miracle85 Posts: 13
    Still cant calculate prestige though
  • Rfalls1891Rfalls1891 Posts: 16
    Nice!! If you drop ALL masteries you'll see his prestige. Also, you can average your top 5 to get your personal prestige.
  • NastyEfnNateNastyEfnNate Posts: 551 ★★
    His prestige is still in the bottom 50%. I would rank him tho
  • Rfalls1891Rfalls1891 Posts: 16
    He's higher than Hulkragnarok and Cap2. According to The Class Advantage's newest prestige chart, he's 5th for the Science champs and 42nd over all at r4 5*. Not too bad.
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