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Rewards for Re-running already 100% Explored Quests

Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
There are several players who deliberately re-run quests just to farm the resources found within the quest itself (chests, pots, ISO from nodes & fights). For example, some people have beaten ROL Winter Soldier hundreds of times just for the heath pots.

Why not expand the ability to farm resources to the full quest? Basically, set them up for "farming". Quests could then have "Completion" rewards for the first pass, "Exploration" rewards for 100% exploration, and then a third "Rerun" category if you complete another pass after you've 100% explored.

Additionally once the map is 100% explored, the energy costs could be reduced. Whatever the energy cost was for the 100% explore, reduce it by one, but always cost at least 1. If it cost 3/node, then the Rerun would be 2/node. If it was 1/node, the Rerun would remain 1/node.

No limit to how many times you re-run the quest, the "Rerun" category would always pay out. This would be better suited for the "challenge" quests like the Michael B Jordan event or even something like ROL.

Obviously the Rerun rewards would be reduced as well. The real prizes are with 100%, but the Rerun prizes could be things like T1-T3 basic cats, T1 Alpha Cats, Gold, ISO.

Imagine getting 5x T1A and 500k Gold for re-running ROL?


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