Can someone explain me how this is a parry?

as u can see the dmg is written, parry is written, but the hands are not up..i mean, if its a parry and the dmg is being reduced, show me why the hands are not even up "before" that?
I cant produce a more valid pic than this..i literally had to slow the recorded video down and catch the last frame



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    one more example of the AI not having to play by the same rules. I'm sure the AI decides to parry then updates the animation, were as we have to have to push block with enough time to get the animation to update before our parry counts.
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    AI parries are weird. Try to hold block or dash back and then instantly try to parry. You can't, because there is a cooldown period from holding the left part of the screen to prevent you from spamming it and getting easy parries.

    Guess who can just let go of block or dash back and instantly parry? Yup, the AI.
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    Yeah parrys are really messed up right now.

    Quick tip.
    @MEKA5 Be careful not to link mods in your posts because I used to do it too but I stopped now because I got warned by vydious not to do it anymore. I was told the discussions is for public use and not a one to one chat with them. (Yeah I know it makes no sense)
  • Looks normal to me.
    This is the game now, best to either boycott or uninstall, as it seems like the forums are getting bloated with frustrated CUSTOMERS. Meanwhile no progress can be seen in sight regarding input lag and player control loss.
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    did he actually stun you with that parry or was it only saying parry??
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    Thread from August 2017. 6 months ago. Issue occuring long before that. August was when I finally decided I've had enough and created a thread. Result? YJ and Spidey were fixed but several more character's specials were broken (DV is probably the most affected)
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    Its not and It's been all kinds of broken for awhile now with no signs of improvement and this game has been degrading rapidly since 12.0 the ai can do all kinds of things that we can't and sometimes some of it just seems downright unfair like what happened to op or what happened in the other thread that someone linked.

    That had happened to me many times, have an attack connect only to some how have them just block it when it should have been a successful one and then have the ai rush across the screen pressing us right before we land. Most of it seems to be tied to their ungodly read, react, and recovery system.

    Which allows them to read and react much much quicker than us and block and parry if they have it in an almost a suppernatural way thus it allows them to block from all kinds of crazy positions allows them to block a successful hit because they know it's coming and react in a broken way to somehow block it when the attack hits them or they can block in the middle of a multi hit special like civil warriors second which has happened to me before.

    Unfortunately the administrators will occasionally the mods will say we are ranting in a negative way and being childish about it but in reality all we're doing is pointing out things that just happened to be negative critiscm which all companies use.

    Numerous players including me have posted threads, comments, videos, and images about the numerous bugs and issues this game faces and yet many of them remian unfixed for whatever reason.

    I get that some can be complicated and take time and money but you should have enough of all to fix these issues and if you require more videos, more images, more reports, we'll give it to you and help work together to help bring stability back to the game.
  • And @Kabam Miike calls this a rant ! Sigh !
  • Breakout wrote: »
    did he actually stun you with that parry or was it only saying parry??

    how can i get was a skill..that's crossbones first skill, right after the first impact...the whole first skill goes t0 waste after this..and because the ai "parried" after my skill animation gets over the hulk just pounces and i dont get a parry..why? you ask, well because the same rule wont apply on my ryt..i cant jus parry before the animation gets over
  • on the bright side you got me to click the play button twice lol
  • on the bright side you got me to click the play button twice lol

    *pfft* haha..m sorry...i cannot do anything abt that play button.
    i hope they remove this bug in this maintenance
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    In the spirit of fairness, I was just using rhulk in trial of the infinite and on 3 separate occasions I parried the enemy and rhulk didn't change posture. He just stayed standing exactly as in the picture, but on my side. It stunned my enemy and I was able to jump in and attack.
  • one more thing..i noticed on youtube, after they evade magneto 1st sp they charge and are able to land successful hits. in my case when i dot it, i get intercepted is their some issue with the games framerate and animation?m using moto g4 plus, is its ram too low for mcoc?
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    I have been parried by AI in AW when using iphone 6 when they are not blocking. Doesn't happen on 6s. I guess it is due to missing frames.
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    Playing in arena today, and what I’ve found? My champs moving by itself and hitting the opponent with light attack without me, needs to tap on the screen. What a f’bug!!!
  • This parry bug has gotta stop... 3x today 1st vs thor,then Hawkeye and now gambit,
    You parry/stun them then you get insta-stunned just like civil war black panther
    I swear everytime I try to recording it it don't happen but I'm gonna catch it and post it
    There's no champ but cw black panther should be able to do that
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