History repeating itself

To paraphrase kabam they didn’t want people to feel like they needed specific champs , scarlet witch, or bring the same teams to AW and AQ. Is it just me or has it been allowed to happen again. By no stretch of the imagaination am I asking for the same results as Scarlet witch. I’m just saying let’s update some champs.


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    @Mr_Otter you missed Deadpool x force and Kamala Khan
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    Afrid wrote: »
    @Mr_Otter you missed Deadpool x force and Kamala Khan

    They will require a FULL in depth analysis of why they don’t work and how to fix them. Those are just a hodgepodge of quick fixes that’d be “passable” at least
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    And deadpool x force,is ridiculous underpowered
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    Mr_Otter wrote: »
    Colosssus hitting much harder on specials with armor buffs? YES PLEASE! Essentially a buff variant of LC would be great
    Colossus' special attack damage is boosted by armor score (+130% armor score is added to the damage output), it is just totally unclear how much damage is added. With 2 armor-ups, Sp2 does quite some high damage.

    I think it is a great game mechanic that should be more common among armored champions (imagine Hulkbuster having that!) one way or another. It could be a buff, a Fury but for armored champions. It could be a passive (when properly balanced). It could be something that only applies to heavy attacks or dashes.
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    I would love a lot of these, but Phoenix is just fine as is. One of the better cosmic champs in my opinion. Top 5 for sure.
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  • how about 5* versions of ALLLLLLL champs
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