Welcome to... The Offseason (and possible sandbox)

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I think this would be a nice way for Kabam to give us a break from the stress of doing well for AQ/AW. I understand Kabam may have something in store for the break that's coming up, but this would be my iteration and I hope they would take it into consideration. This would be a 2-4 week break from these game modes, however for AW you can still do a scrimmage with another alliance, get rewards (juicy 6* and 5* shards), but it will NOT affect your war rating or your placement for the following season. As for AQ, maybe just shutting it down for a while would be nice (I don't recall what Kabam has done when transition from Season to Season in AQ).

I would also propose introducing a Sandbox Mode where we can choose whatever character we would like to fight, change the signature ability of that character, and even add different nodes. I think this would help Content Creators to figure out tips and tricks to share about fighting certain characters & it would certainly help the players to fight a character that they have have trouble going against, especially in AW.

What are your thoughts?


  • SiliyoSiliyo Posts: 724 ★★★
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    I would also like to add the possibility of choosing which alliances you would like to scrim against (preferably alliances that are in your placement: For example, Master Bracket alliances can scrim against each other, Platinum Bracket alliances can scrim against each other without consequences to war rating/AW placement)
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    I like the thought of having something different during the offseason that doesnt impact your actual season. The sandbox idea is long overdue. There has not been any way to test skills or features against certain nodes/opponents without using all your NRG to get to that specific situation.

    One thing I might suggest different is that they make AQ only run Monday through Friday. Weekend play is difficult for most people and it would at least give us some regularity for an otherwise mindless aspect of the game. It is already a 5 day event, keeping it to weekdays would help with the "emergency" of someone not being able to log in during weekends.
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    @OMC_Pinto I actually like that idea a lot because it really does make sense. People are more active during the week plus it gives us time off during the weekend.

    @Harvards_Sweaters Did you read the whole post? It's not a complete shutdown, but rather a way to play without worrying about winning every war to have a good placement.
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