When does Season 3 start?



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    I agree. This is way too little time between seasons. I think most of us are completely burnt out when the season ends and we need time to refresh.
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    Bro where is the break????
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    DaleMangu wrote: »
    Bro where is the break????

    Just seen on the other forum post “when do seasons start” kabam commented 11 July, screenshots going around of the message too
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    This is to soon for season 3
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    Why would you make a brand new thread instead of commenting on the thread you found this information out on?
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    V1PER1987 wrote: »
    Why would you make a brand new thread instead of commenting on the thread you found this information out on?

    Why not?

    Kabam wanna merge it feel free..

    More threads on the subject faster for them to hear us all speak up.

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    I'm really looking forward to seeing a new season of Aliance Quest. Dormammu is already tired of being punching bag and the AQ in general needs a renovation.
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    It’s possible that Kabam is doing this as a mutually beneficial service. Yes they probably get a lot of revenue from AW, but also AW is the best source of shards, so by reducing the break time between AW seasons, it helps the player keep a steady stream of shards coming in. However, if there are too many issues (bugs) and lots of alliances are going to be broken, hopefully they can listen and delay it at least a week or two
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    Agreed. Need at least another week extra break. And aq needs updated more than anything else period
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    Longer break plz. 2 weeks WAY too short, especially with the amount of turnover that occurs as soon as a season ends.
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    Yeah the mass turnover from the end of season 1 was painful. Need more than 2 weeks to recruit.
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    We need a real break #giveusabreak
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    Aww man, you’re ruining my annual Slurpee!
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    Raganator wrote: »
    The length of the season is the bigger issue IMO.

    This is something we're looking at for future seasons. We have some changes coming with the next season, and will have more information on that soon.

    What assurances do we have, if any, that if you are going to modify nodes and add newer things, that there has been adequate testing with regards to how certain nodes interact with champ abikities?

    Like some of the new nodes like unblockable finale and prove your worth are interesting for some content, but in war, it would make certain champions borderline or nearly entirely unbeatable
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    I took a 2-month break from AQ and AW back in Mar/Apr, best time ever in MCoC
    Definitely need a break from AQ and AW once every few months
    Otherwise will burn out in-game before burning out in actual real-life work
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