For Weeks I Still Haven’t Been Given The Correct Points for Duels

I’ve contacted you about this issue before & it hasn’t been fixed and there’s been no compensation or explanation of any kind. Each time I duel, I duel the recommended duel target which this week was Moon Knight. I dueled Bala8205 & Fantomhaiv, both 4*’s. Since I dueled Moon Knight that should have been 5 Points & another 5 for starting the duel. He’s a 4*, so I should have been given 55 for a total of 65. I only got 45 Points. I did 7 duel that I’ve actually taken pictures of & my total is 355. I’ve actually done more than 7 but I didn’t photograph every single one. Can you please explain how this is correct, or fair. I end up doing well over 20 duels per week and still don’t get enough rewards to complete a total of 10 total duel points. This is at least the 4 week. With me doing so many duels we should easily reach more of the milestones. This isn’t just happening to me. Our alliance should have hit every single milestone in those 4 weeks. The rewards might not be much but to a small & growing alliance they mean much more. I suspect this is has been going on much longer. And that’s really disappointing & depressing especially since you still haven’t correct it since the last 2 times I contacted you. I’ve enjoyed playing MCOC very much. But lately it just isn’t really worth the trouble, to be honest. I truly don’t understand why such a small issue hasn’t been addressed. Then there’s the matter of my phone overheating, crashing, losing arena streaks, or not being able to do arena, using boosts, energy refills, revives & potions and losing them because of the game constantly going down. You’re costing me money on a game that I cannot afford to spend on at all. So I have to grind but you’ve taken that away to because of overheating & game crashing. Unfortunately because of my health I can’t & don’t go out much so this game has been a place to escape to for a few hours from my real life. Getting away from all the hardships and playing MCOC has been a relief & relaxing for me. Unfortunately I’m considering quitting because it’s not fun anymore. It’s more stressful than it’s worth. I don’t know if you can or if you even can get this game working correctly again. But with that, awful deals and so many other issues I do understand why many of my friends have walked away. Can you please fix the game & soon? Please!


  • AppleisgodAppleisgod Posts: 1,420 ★★★★
    Well duels are going away so I guess so will your point problem
  • TondaTonda Posts: 26
    Even if the duels are going away, our alliance lost out on getting all the milestone awards. The rewards aren’t aren’t huge or game changing but for at least 4 WEEKS if not longer we’ve not gotten all the milestone awards that we would have easily gotten. I’m an officer & my account is fairly good but I joined this alliance to help them out. And when I put in a ton of extra work to help them get extra rewards and then they don’t get them, that’s upsetting to me. Some of the members haven’t been playing that long & are putting in a lot of time & hard work and not to be rewarded for it is disappointing to say the least. Why would anyone put time into something and not be rewarded, progress or move you further along or have it do nothing to benefit you. No one wants to waste a lot of time & energy doing anything that doesn’t help you in some way. It’s not fair or right for Kabam not to fix this or the other issues that are things that should run correctly for us to get the correct points or rewards. They sure can fix anything super fast that they think any one of us maybe benefiting from or taking advantage of in anyway. They can nerf to death a champ and change anything they want that might give us a slight or so very slim advantage but correcting something that shouldn’t be an issue never!!! I really don’t understand how or why they can’t or won’t fix these issues. I don’t know many companies that can get away with putting out a defective product but Kabam sure seems to too. Can someone at Kabam please take responsibility, step forward & explain everything that’s going on and give us an honest to goodness timeframe on fixing the game. As far as compensation, I don’t know how Kabam would even start or come up with a absolutely honest & fair compensation package. You’ve got people who have lost $100’s of dollars if not more and some who have never spent a dime a penny. If I was Kabam I would start trying to figure out an answer very soon though! Please Kabam fix all the issues & problems!
  • Darkness82Darkness82 Posts: 273
    Well it’s going away so there’s thst just deal with it mate if your complaining about duels awarding wrong points I suggest you wait til it’s over I’m sure you will be happy cause it’s going away good luck
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 1,126 ★★★★
    Like the others said, it’s going away and they have much bigger concerns right now than to fix something they’re removing after today
  • Darkness82Darkness82 Posts: 273
    It awards the correct points stop complaining lol should yu not be a happy customer cause kabam are great at this lol good job kabam on taking away duels
  • hunteravenhunteraven Posts: 11
    You’re probably doing it wrong this game always works perfectly
  • TondaTonda Posts: 26
    I don’t know why I expected Kabam to correct this or anything actually. I think I’ve given up on them completely.
  • AppleisgodAppleisgod Posts: 1,420 ★★★★
    Are you really trying hard to get a couple phc shards corrected?
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