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The new end date will be May 1st.

Looking for AW focussed chill alliance for 2 players.

Hey, my brother and I are both 510k+ HR, and both over 6k prestige, if that matters to you at all, lol.
We're looking for a Gold 2+ War focussed alliance. We don't really care for AQ so if you're doing 3x5 or 2x5 that would be ideal. We want to play together, so if you guys have 2 spots that'd be swell. Both used to play in alliances of the highest level, and now we're looking to continue chilling in a squad that wins wars, and doesn't care about much else. We put up decent numbers in SA, and Completion, Item Use, etc, but don't do arenas. If you have an alliance that matches this description hmu on Line: Rawcorn. Thanks!


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