My worst recruitment post ever. 11.5 million 28 members average over 400K, 1700 war rating, tier 5.

Gold 2/3 trying to get to Gold 1 before it’s too late and stuck in Gold 2/3 looking for 2 right now.
11.5 million rating. Around 13 million when 30 members. Tier 5 War 1700 War rating. AQ map 3-4, no donations or minimum requirements/scores in events. High % rank rewards every week for Summoner Advancement, Item Use, etc. average player rating around 400K.


  • Hit me up in 4 and a half days and I will join you if you’ll have me.
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 298
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 298
    You’re always welcome to join us later on down the road when you’ve a bigger arsenal at your disposal. But like I said, that 5* is top notch so take advantage of him.
  • I’m not looking to do much alliance questing right now, but I help with alliance help like an motherf**cker and participate in alliance events, so I’m useful there. My main home is in vs. But honestly, I will probably play less once Spider-Man on PS4 comes out. But I’ll still be around. So, like I said, if you want me, and you all actually do stuff, I’ll hop over to you.
  • If you’re answer is yes, give me about two days. Waiting on rewards to drop.
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 298
    I answered but they removed my post. If you are the player with the same name in game with 5* IWIM, we are looking for people with a little higher rating. They deleted my response to you acting like I was criticizing you. I didn’t think you had enough options for AW defense and attack by looking at your profile. You’re always welcome to join us later down the road. In wars we fight against guys with average ratings around 500K and thought you’d have a really hard time trying to help. Thank you for interest. Please save info for later after you build up roster a little bit. Always have room for loyal players.
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