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Summoner Appreciation Week Discussion



  • It's been a long time since we got a 5* hero crystal. We want it for a better future
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    I m agree with that,maybe with all these bugs and lags they trying to reduce players base because their servers can’t handle the huge Amont of players anymore,that pretty sad from a game.
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    Does anyone know the amount each package contains me personally it will depends becuz if the questing only has 5 refills but the aq and aw have 2 big team revives imma go for aq or aw just cuz they cost more units js is each package gonna be equal cost wise that where be what i choose from
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    Ace_03 wrote: »

    You mean the same MCOC podcast that got so downvoted they never posted links in reddit ever again?

    We don't post each episode to reddit just like every other content creator doesn't post each of their videos they make to reddit...everyone's OC gets downvoted (welcome to reddit), we only posted the first few to get the word out.

    As for your other comments, I don't think we try to speak for everyone...I sure don't because I know I'm not in the majority when it comes to progression AND my views towards spending. I just tell it like I see it *shrugs*
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    Lurker wrote: »
    My plan to affect their data is to not claim any of the "appreciation" kabam is giving out and play as little as I can (without getting kicked out of my alliance) during summoner appreciation week. I will not open any gold/arena crystals, I will not do any arena, I will not complete any content with their 10% boost. I'm lvl 60 and way past act 4 so that appreciation is useless. I will not enter the halls of potions.

    Their "appreciation" makes me sick. I will avoid it.

    I am of the same mindset as Dorky Dave, if I fall behind, I don't care.

    Agreed. I’m level 60 and recently uncollected. Don’t feel my team is ready to try act 5.3 yet, and this “appreciation week” does nothing to help. Now last year when I was grinding out act 4 this would have actually felt great!

    They need to tier there appreciation and compensation that makes it relative to where you in the game. Something like the below brackets that.
    Levels 0-25
    Levels 41-60
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    Werewrym wrote: »
    Suede wrote: »
    The lack of response is bizarre. 700 complaints posted on their own forum and complete silence.

    Whats the plan, do nothing and hope the problem will just magically disapear? I’m genuinely curious to know.

    Well apparently people keep spending, cause I see a thread on the new Korg bundle that people have bought...

    Well those that are spending are saying they are ok with the current situation and state of the game....

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