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Can we please have some indication of how far away Act 6 is. Like many players at my point in the game, I'm rapidly growing tied of AQ and AW. I have no content left to pursue other than the uncollected EQ. All these other little events feel time consuming, boring and ultimately just result in yet another (probably disappointing) 5 star pull.

I feel, like so many others, that the summer appreciation week was a slap in the face and I'm growing frustrated with the bugs and outages. The game simply isn't fun anymore.

The only thing that could keep me playing is if there was some carrot at the end of a stick....which is why I'm asking about Act 6. If it's around the corner then I may stick around. However, if it's still a long way away then I think I'll finally log out for the last time.


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    A reply would be greatly appreciated
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    Here is how to get kabam to bring act 6 to the game, A step by step guide
    1. Go to act 5 and kill the final boss (Ultron Classic)
    2. Watch the cinematic at the end of it!
    3. Go get the boardgame contest of champions!
    4. Roll the dice and roll a 6
    5. When this happens a portal to the battlerealm appears
    6. Go in the portal and shake hands with every elder
    7. Steal a 6 star crystal and get out of there
    8. open it and act 6 appears....(like the cow level of diablo II)
    that is the step by step method to bring act 6 on your screen!!
    you really need to tag all mods here? lol

    just be patient, why rushing things
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    i actually recently found it that directing a message towards a mod is against the rules. like what is up with that.

    Yeah i'm with the OP, I'm ready for some new content. Can't do another path of LOL until I get some key champs. So.....yeah just waiting. Good news is that AQ is getting a refresh. AW, while a little tedious and stressful, is a great place to skill up, and the newer uncollected mode gives us a fresh challenge monthly. Dungeons are fine with me but I know a lot have a problem with them.
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    I tagged the mods because 3 days passed with not even an acknowledgement of my question. Even a quick "we will get back to you" or "we have no new information to share at this time" wouldn't have gone a miss.

    I know I'm not the first to ask and I won't be the last but some form of update with regards to new content would to nice to receive. Act 6, LOL 2.0, something. Aq and eq have become stale. Those who have been playing since the start like myself likely have either 100% LOL and Act 5 or it's on the horizon. Although I can't speak for everyone in my position, I need a shiny reward to be dangled in my face otherwise the aw and uncollected grind ultimately feels hollow. Either I get a disappointing new champ or, if I'm very lucky, a good champ which I can use to complete....oh, wait....there's nothing to work towards. Nevermind. Haha

    Before I 100% LOL I at least had something to work towards. With that behind me, my interest is dwindling. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask Kabam to create content for their long term players that can keep them engaged. Such content doesn't need to be out now or prioritised by any means....but it should be on the horizon to keep players like myself hooked.
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    One week later...
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    I posted about this a few months ago and a mod responded. They said they aren’t close to releasing any info on act 6. Sounds like 2019 guys. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you want to see the post. Go to my profile and find it. Called “question about act 6”. I think kabam Lyra replies to me but can’t remember.
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    Super. Thank you for the post!

    Any update from a mod on the progress of Act 6 would be appreciated but I suspect they're busy as usual putting out fires. Thank you!
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    For those wondering, they said that they don't have any information to share at this time. That was July 29th so it's only been a little over a month since. Can only assume their response would be the same now. Shame.
  • I don’t get why they can’t do one act a year and break out realeasing it over 3 months a chapter like like act v. The rewards don’t need as steep of an increase from act v if you release them more in a steady stream. Act vi if released this year can do more t5b t2a etc and then act vii next year can introduce t5cc etc. either that or start a monthly “epic” difficulty for EQ which is harder than uncollected (and concurrently drop energy requirement for beginner and normal to all maps being 1 energy and make normal have shorten maps like beginner)

    By making acts major upgrades they are setting themselves up for long boring times for players who push to complete acts with a few months of release
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    I agree. They don't need to have massive rewards but the story content takes so long to come out that long term players are left waiting a year to continue. The monthly uncollected EQ is fine but once that's done, doing any other difficulties becomes an autofight slog. Particularly on android due to the loading times. I'd like them to introduce as system whereby all rewards beneath the difficulty you complete are awarded. For example, if you complete master then you should get the rewards for heroic, medium and easy. I am aware that this would result in even less to do but I don't think I'll waste my time doing master and heroic anymore just for some t4b and 5 star shards as it's a long and boring, loading screen filled grind. Instead, I'd also be very much up for a higher difficultly EQ. However, there really needs to be something else left to work towards other than EQ....story, a new LOL. Something other than the same old aw, couple of dungeons etc. Something interesting for long term players to work towards inbetween EQs with decent ish rewards as a carrot.

    I like what they did with dungeons in offering more control to the player. Haven't got to be in an alliance, can play with whoever you want, can pick a crystal for the reward, it isn't too time consuming. It's an alternative to those that maybe don't fancy AW but want something else to do. It would be great to have something story based to chip away at inbetween wars or EQ. Otherwise, once EQ is done it's basically war for the rest of the month....and there's only so long that can maintain players interests. Do some war, get some 5 star shards, open another disappointing champ. Repeat several times. Get a decent use in more war as there's no more story etc.
    my bet is november or december for the official release, or news about the story mode
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    LOL v2 realistically should still be along way away......

    what percentage of the playerbase has 100% it????
    maybe 2% (i think even less)
    what percentagge of the playerbase has done 1 path????
    maybe 5% (i think maybe even less)
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 654 ★★★
    Look at MOST alliances and you’ll get a tell of how much LoL is done.

    For example in my alliance there are 6 players who have out of 30. I think that’s a good number to say of who have done 1 path (which is what we’ve done) 10-15% of the player base. Now your figure of 100% LoL is probably spot on less than 1%.

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