5.4.6 Difficulty



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    Pennmabob wrote: »

    This video is so you can see nebula's potential, she's not bad

    But with Nebula one ultron u dont ryl wont to get the shok danmged to him and build the chois aging
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    You have the right champ to do it. Just listen o everyone else and use nebs
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    Nebula with proxima and just dont parry. He does not gain any buffs. If no proxima just hold block 5 times.

    Please stop complaining without first watching videos.

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    I did this with a 4/40 with two Revives. Use Medusa or Corvus or Nebula and he’s easy. The champs that you brought really aren’t good for this boss.
    Hype and Luke need to trigger debuffs to be effective (Exhaustion for Luke, Stun for Hype’d heavys), which will trigger Regen and Power.
    Stark Spider-Man constantly causes Taunt, which will trigger Regen and Power.
    Gwenpool an Archangel need Bleed, which Ultron is Immune too.
    Try switching up your team and try again. Also, boosts.
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    I completed the entire Ultron fight with a 3* 4/40 Loki and only used one 20% revive because I screwed up and dashed when I shouldn't have. It's not exactly a hard fight if you know what you're doing.

    And the fact that you have a freaking Nebula at 3/45 means you should be sweeping that fight.
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    There are various counters for him. Personally Medusa worked best for me. I mean after I already died a billion times the first 4 runs. First fight with medusa I got lucky. 2nd run I was stupid and didn't realize before I was just lucky.
    The last run I was smart and finally Learned how to fight him.
    But honestly none of the champs you show can deal with him except for maybe GP if you are REALLY good!
    But Medusa, Nebula, Loki are just a few examples.
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    Well that was my first time going to him n pissed me off how op he was but ill try nebula not sure yet if i should take proxima since shes just a 3 star n i need lc aa n gwenpool to get me to the boss
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    Tbh 5.4.6 isn't that bad and the rest of Chapter 4 isn't either except for some tricky fights and probably biohazard. Just gotta use the right champs and play well.

    Loki, Nebula, Medusa, Thor, Cosmic Spidey, Crossbones are some counters I can think of for the last Ultron.
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    You have a terrible team for that fight. I recommend blade with the trinity if you have him gr and you clearly have sparky. If you don’t have the trinity then medusa who is prolly better than blade for that fight anyway
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    I been playng for 7 months guys what i have strong is the best i could find i get terrible pulls
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    N it is a cash grab i make it to him then had to use 10 bucks for units to only die non stop n only take away 40 k cause he keep regenerating my damage so i trow away the money
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    100% with a 3 star Loki with one revive, not a cash grab, just look on YouTube, multiple ways to beat him with no revives
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    Just use Loki dude. Apply curse and fight like crazy
  • The fight is relatively easy you just need to be prepared I used medusa blade and if times allowed sw and they all worked pretty good as 4* there were just a few issues I had which was if you were unlucky enough to get 3 power gains or regens in a row vigor would trigger and the work you did before was wasted
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    Strikerrx8 wrote: »
    N it is a cash grab i make it to him then had to use 10 bucks for units to only die non stop n only take away 40 k cause he keep regenerating my damage so i trow away the money

    You have Nebula. You could’ve used her after dozens of people told you that she stomps Ultron, and you chose not too. Ultron is not a money grab. The Collector is, but not Ultron. Also, you chose to spend money, it definitely wasn’t necessary.
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    I actually killed 5.4.6 ultron today - went pretty easy with 4/55 Hype (used some buffs and one revive, but didn't do my best, too lazy now). what's difficult indeed is to pool a decent 5* champ - got ip from act 5 crys. so, don't do act 5
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    I slap collector non stop losing vs ultron yeaaa n to beat collector u dont need to have sertain heroes
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