AW attackers/defenders

Best heroes for AW Attack/Defence?

Gwenpool,IMIW (5 Star),Blade,Dr.voodoo,Heimdall ( 4 star r4),archangel,Dr. Strange,hood,Colossus (5 star),Sabretooth,Mordo and Modok


  • Def team i wud suggest:
    Imiw, Modok, Hood, Dr strange, Mordo

    voodoo, AA, Heimdall, Blade or Gwenpool depends on path u taken

    Sabretooth can be hard to fight as defender if place correct and the attacker dont have a heal block champ.

    Colossus is just for arena / or divsitiy if other member have same but higher rank champs like imiw, modok and so,, then u can place Colossus for divisty
  • SpinterSpinter Posts: 53
    @NguyenDau thanks for the help!
  • PennmabobPennmabob Posts: 667 ★★★
    edited September 2018
    What @NguyenDau said. But I'd just like to emphasise that Heimdall should only be used if your path contains certain champs. Such as IMIW, medusa, OG spidey, and other auto block and evade champs, don't bring him in for anything else. He has pillow hands, like two pillows on each hand. If you use him be prepared for boredom cuz fighting with him is like being at a pillow fight at a girl's sleepover.
  • SpinterSpinter Posts: 53
    @Pennmabob yes, I agree that his attack is too low but you can get a fury buff by reaching 100 fury charges then hold heavy attack and you can get an infinite fury buff.
    Giving heimdall low attack was a good choice, imagine a champion with high attack, true strike,armor, auto block,unblockable sp2, fury and stun
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