ÑøX - Plat2 rank8 - Looking for 1

Alliance: No X-cuses

Currently looking for one member who can fit specific needs:
Can ace path 9, run map6 once a week, has a solid defense/attack roster, and roughly 7.8k prestige.

We were pushed out of plat 1 last season after fighting higher opponents after the "ban wave" and will be making our push to get there again.

AQ we do hit weekly T4CC. We have 2 groups that run map 6 once a week when AW attack isn't happening. New member will be joining one of these map6 groups.

If interested or have any questions please join our Recruit Chat: line.me/ti/g/hOyW4-f1bW

When joining the chat, please have screen caps of top champs available and any videos you may have to show skill level.


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