5* Awakening gem

Hi, recently got generic 5* awakening gem and not sure who to use it on...These are my current top champs at bottom and above that my choices for using gem on. Leaning towards Kilmonger, could get him to R4 once I get the gold. Iceman is another option but quite like idea of getting a decent skill champ ranked up. Also have about 110 sig stones to use. Any help appreciated!



  • kubricknolankubricknolan Posts: 66
    just beacuse he is your best skill champ right now i think it's worth a generic gem in your situation. But overall i think iceman or hyperion would benefit more from awakening. Still killmonger is a very good option too he is a god tier champ.
  • Haggis_ballsHaggis_balls Posts: 24
    Yeh, once I get resources they will definitely be getting ranked up, just thought KM might benefit more from being awakened? MS was another option with her synergy with Mephisto but again, does she really need awakened?
  • Darth_SemzDarth_Semz Posts: 104
    I would go with the hyperman. Ever since I got mine awakened you can noticed a massive difference
  • PlagueisBanePlagueisBane Posts: 224
  • AanthoAantho Posts: 112
    Captain America IW!
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
  • SkkcSkkc Posts: 108
    Hold for void
  • Caiw
  • Haggis_ballsHaggis_balls Posts: 24
    Thanks everyone, given me loads to think about. Now leaning towards Hyperion, always liked using him and although I'll need to wait a while for a couple more t4cc looks like he will benefit most. KM will still be getting ranked up though!
  • Haggis_ballsHaggis_balls Posts: 24
    Skkc wrote: »
    Hold for void

    I'm impatient, don't see void happening any time soon!
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,562 ★★★★
    I like void but I don't think he's as good as Hyperion or Iceman. Hyperion can tear right threw bosses, but void can reverse healing to do massive damage
  • BeginthEndBeginthEnd Posts: 331
    Would advise you go with MS. Espically since your top ranking champ is Mephisto.
    Great team up- Espically with MD.
    A.) Awesome Synergy- extra Souls!
    B.) Both have immunities and D.O.T.

    C.) (AWAKEND) MS gains abilities that weaken opponents Power Gain, Fury, and Regen buffs by roughly 30-40% - MS gains her own buff if one is activated. These buffs can stack in some cases (I.e. Power gain from opponent and landing a heavy atk for her own power gain)
    Awakened with 3 souls her sp2 is unblockable. She can utterly anninilate any opponent with more than 2-3 buffs, Lifesteal half her health back at the same time, and if they’re lucky enough not to have died, she will likely still have 2 bars of power for negating the buffs (MD 5/5) And she proceeds to eat the soul of any opponent, storing them in her trippy glowing Mornigstar. Love love love.
    Lifesteal and Regen.

    Add your Guilly for extra gewd time.
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