Darkhawk fix???

I still haven't seen any announcement on fixing the lag when fighting Darkhawk, just wanted to know if anything is being done?


  • I am using a lot units, energy refils, and potions, boost on uncollected boss because of lag all that is useless.

    If you don't have fixed the problem, why a boss that kill our champion with 1 hit??

    Lag is impossible to take down uncollected and master boss because several times I can't move my champion.

    The ethical action should reimbursement the players that are using resources on uncollected boss and to permit a clean fight.
  • It's happening just on boss node. Isn't a lag problem on all game. It's a dirt fight
  • Genghis_SlimGenghis_Slim Posts: 20
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    I’ve totally experienced this, over the last two months. right before an uncollected Boss, who is pretty much garunteed to kill you....the game “lags” or “skips” and blasted by a special or a 5 combo. At this point it’s hard not to think it’s intentional ...money grab 😕😞
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    I've run into the DH lag as well, but it's not on every fight. At least in my case I'd say it's lagged hard to start on 4 or 5 attempts between master and UC out of about 25 individual matches.
  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 319 ★★
    I'm about to try DH for the first time on my iPhone 7...

    What in the actual laggy f***?!?!?!?!?!

    Freezing animations?

    Bad mode switching?

    Terrible IN GAME ability description...

    And he's boosted besides...

    These new champs are tough enough to learn without the boosted nodes and laggy roll outs.
  • Hi there, we have a thread going for this topic here. When we have further updates to provide, we will let everyone know there.
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