I’m trying to finish rttl before I move on to rol and lol. I am finding the safeguard node very annoying in 3.1 Is there anyone here to counter it other than hype?3inwiek0rlpu.png
(Plan on investing in wasp more and taking majik to r4)


  • Ability Accuracy Reduction Champions work on the Safeguard Node, Crossbones was a life saver for me. But RTTL is really not worth it for Difficulty to Rewards, I wouldn't bother if I were you...
  • belli300belli300 Posts: 539
    You should for go doing rttl until you’re actually ready to do an initial labryrinth run. The rewards are super outdated for the difficulty so it’s only real purpose is completion to open lol
  • If you haven't done ROL yet, and RTTL chapter 3 is giving you difficulty, you shouldn't be there yet. If you think chapter 3 is hard, just wait....
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,577
    Rol is way easier than rttl, you need at least some maxed out 4*s, 4/40s can complete rol
  • It would be a lot easier if you wait until you have some maxed out four stars. Hawkeye Thor sparky sabertooth venom Loki modok killmonger guillotine magik and Hyperion are your best bets rn. Scarlet witch and Daredevil need to be awakened and they need to have a very high signature level. Max 99 if possible but 80 and above is cool. I just got wasp and duped her in the arenas. She's gotten a few kills in war 🤙 but I haven't had time to invest in her yet.
  • Archangel! Which you don’t have unfortunately, his bleed and poison destroyed all until I hit 3.6 stuck there!
  • CassyCassy Posts: 490
    Safeguard Limits damage, Right? (not thats itchy one that reflects damage).
    So Everyone with Damage over time will work as long there are no immunitys.
    I Like champs who do extra damage per hit like Rulk, NC (no issues with cornered), Masacre with lit Bat...
    but Those like Omega red, Mephisto or Void, who damage by presence could help also.
  • cUbA_LiBrEcUbA_LiBrE Posts: 827
    Hyperion is also petty usefull. Spam his SP1 to add those incenerate debuffs. But I would say you focus on Story bevor you go to RTTL. If you can't beat LOL you don't need RTTL.
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