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AQ/AW team selection advice

Thanks for stopping by! I am looking for advice from more experienced players on what champions I should bring to AW and who to bring to AQ. I am just under 2 months playing and I want to work towards an end game AW/AQ team. So far I'm thinking Omega Red will be in it. Should I wait out until I get better champs? Should I hold off on ranking up Omega Red? Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • TechonefortyTechoneforty Posts: 72
    Domino, Iceman, Hawkeye can def help you with AQ/AW attack. Korg and Modok can help you with AW defense, Yondu can be a little annoying at times. If you can play well with Ghost, she’s a beast too (esp since you have Wasp for synergy) but requires a specific playstyle. Omega def benefits a ton from his awakened ability. If you awaken Dr Voodoo, he’s very useful in both AQ/AW, I bring him to AQ all the time. I don’t have much experience playing Spider-Gwen or She Hulk post buff but they do look pretty good to play now. I would work on getting Domino ranked up since she doesn’t really need her awakened ability to melt faces.
  • ArondightArondight Posts: 125
    Thank you!
  • FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,594 ★★★★
    Kinda off topic from your question. But HOW DID YOU GET THAT ROSTER IN JUST UNDER TWO MONTHS?
  • ArondightArondight Posts: 125
    I started playing in 2017, then quit and decided to play again but couldn't remember anything about my account so had to start a new account. But basically you have to level up quickly. And accumulate champions by doing arena when it's much easier to aquire them compared to after 60 days.
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