I get it. The game goes down. Emergencies happen. I'm not complaining about that. My concern is that this happened once just a few days ago, and we didn't receive compensation. Now we are in the middle of day 5 of AQ, and because of this, health and champs were lost in AQ. I sent in a support ticket, but they will respond sometime "within one business day." That's not going to be soon enough. I need potions to get my champs back in the fight tonight, not tomorrow after AQ is already over. I'm not asking for a big package or anything. Just send out a single champ revive, enough potions to heal up one champ, and I'll be happy.


  • At this point, crashes have become a feature of the game and they really can't address every one of them because there are so many. They don't even try to save face anymore unless it's a full on, extended outage.

    Someone will come along soon and accost you for saying the word compensation. Someone else will probably tell you the monthly or weekly calendars are your compensation. Rinse/repeat
  • CwbeatssCwbeatss Posts: 15
    A group of my alliance could not defeat the dormammu because of the fall of the game, it simply fell and when it came back it was already over
  • wray1976wray1976 Posts: 459 ★★
    We are SOL. Its common.
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